Warp Anomaly Detected in Wormhole 63B/715-50KF5

We are urgently requesting that any available pilots make their way to the Bleak Lands where a wormhole has opened up. The instability of the wormhole event indicates that there are fewer than 24 hours to travel through it before it collapses, but reports from pilots who have already returned suggest it is crucial we continue to investigate the situation. ... Read more

EVE Fanfest 2017 – Book a Dinner Date with CCP Roo

Okay, it’s not strictly a ‘date’ as such, but the roster of CCP developers attending the annual Fanfest charity dinner is expanding all the time and Valkyrie fans will be delighted to learn that the ... Read more

Mini Masterclass – Support Beams

Just unlocked your first support craft? Quick isn’t it? Vulnerable? Yeah, sure, but flying support is Valkyrie’s best kept secret in terms of gaming satisfaction. ... Read more

Pilot Training Modules – New and Improved

Our dislike of disorder is the reason we’ve been hard at work updating our comprehensive ship guides with all the latest data and information, so that new pilots can get an insight into the hardware ... Read more


Video Tutorial – Get Match Fit, Rookies!

Are you new to New Eden? Then our latest video tutorial is exactly what you need. Here’s where we show you how to get yourself trained up and match fit to take on other pilots in the Multiplayer and Wormholes modes. ... Read more

Video Tutorial: Tackling Carrier Assault on Gateway

Welcome to our latest video tutorial. Having previously brought you visual guides to each of the ship classes – fighter, heavy and support – we now turn our attention to specific play modes and we’re ... Read more

Video Tutorial: Starting Out With Support Ships

Say hello to our latest video tutorial. Following hot on the heels of our previous vids covering the fighters and the heavies, this time we take you through the basics of piloting the unique and ... Read more

EARLY LOOK! Gatecrash Update Trailer Has Arrived

What a time to be alive, pilots. The latest major EVE: Valkyrie update is going live on Wednesday December 7 but you don’t have to wait until then to savor all its delights. ... Read more

Pilot Training

Pro Tips: Let's get HEAVY with ace pilot Nydwen

Welcome to the second in our series of hook-ups with the world’s best EVE: Valkyrie pilots, in which we help you become a better battler. ... Read more

Earn your place in the Fleet Admirals’ club in double quick time.

This one goes out to the multitude of PSVR players who are imminently going to swarm into the airless expanses of New Eden as they begin their new career as an EVE: Valkyrie pilot. ... Read more

The Path to Combat Glory Starts Here

When PSVR players strap in for their inaugural Eve: Valkyrie experience it will be in a fighter class ship. Here’s what to expect from the game’s most versatile craft. ... Read more

Dev Blogs

Welcome to the Next Innovation: The Valkyrie League

We are thrilled to announce, as part of the Wormholes update, a significant and substantial new feature for EVE: Valkyrie… Leagues. It’s our goal to constantly improve EVE: Valkyrie’s competitive experience, so join us for a few moments as we take you through this exciting new development. ... Read more

Wormholes - Introducing Wormhole Events

Wormholes are special events offering you a portal into the unknown. Pilots brave enough to enter will find things have all gone a little bit, different, as rips in reality have brought about some ... Read more

Pilot Customization – A Sartorial Revolution

Just because you’re tucked into the claustrophobic cockpit of a spaceship doesn’t mean you can’t rock a good look. To that end we’ve given you the opportunity, via today’s Gatecrash update, to ... Read more