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Mini Masterclass – Taking the Supports to Solitude

A couple of days ago we picked up some top tips on how to take on the Solitude map in heavy class ships from ace pilot Nydwen. Now it’s the turn of the support class ships, and who better to give us the advice we need than super-skillful support pilot, Anska?

Mini Masterclass – Taking the Heavies to Solitude

It’s no exaggeration to say that EVE: Valkyrie’s latest map, Solitude, has proven to be a hit with the players. Despite a propensity to repeatedly crash into the icy mountain terrain, this new

And the Crowd Went Wild

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the world of EVE: Valkyrie. First there was the annual madness that is EVE Fanfest, a massive event held in Reykjavik where EVE Online and Valkyrie fans meet to

Fanfest 2017 and The Shape of Things To Come

Those of us that attended this year’s Fanfest ended up with what has become known as ‘Space Flu’. But, by god, it was worth it, because the 2017 event was better than ever and made that bit more

Severe Gravitational Anomalies Reported at Wormhole 33C/881-55JY5

All pilots are to report to the Genesis region and planet Otakoo XI following the emergence of the latest wormhole event. Reports indicate that on the other side of the conduit, pilots have

Groundrush Hits the Ground Running

EVE: Valkyrie’s latest major free update, Groundrush, has been out in the wild for ten days now and it’s certainly got Valkyrie pilots and VR pundits the world over talking about it. The update

EVE: Valkyrie Anniversary Compo Results

It's been a year since EVE: Valkyrie first launched (on March 26th, 2016, to be precise) and to celebrate, we recently asked our awesome community of players to get creative and make some fitting

Com Alerts – The Ultimate Team Tool

So many new pilots have joined the ranks of the Valkyrie since our Com Alerts feature debuted seven months ago. SInce there have be several player-led improvements to the system in the intervening

Dev Focus – A Galaxy in Motion

We caught up with Associate Producer on EVE: Valkyrie, John Nejady - aka CCP Bosun - to get his thoughts on virtual reality and to find out how the team at CCP Newcastle approached the challenge of

Corrupted Version of Shipyard Detected: Head to Wormhole 40B/484-54JT6

For the past 48 hours, we have been conducting operations in a new wormhole anomaly that has opened up near the planet Saranen in the Lonetrek region of New Eden. The wormhole – 40B/484-54JT6 – leads

EVE: Valkyrie and the Joy of Easter Eggs

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that a certain celebration is occurring this weekend. Now, the Valkyrie are made up of all manner of believers and non-believers alike, but we can all agree that

Co-op Versus AI – New and Improved

Still getting the hang of life as a Valkyrie? A little worried about going up against the big boys? Fear not! EVE: Valkyrie features a broad range of options when it comes to getting you battle ready.

Mini Masterclass – Mines and Spiderbots

Greetings, young Valkyrie. Once again, we are going to bring you up to speed on a particular aspect of piloting life and this time the subject is the use of mines and spiderbots.

Groundrush is Live!!! Let’s Get Planetside…

What a time to be alive. Today, the Valkyrie leave the cold, unforgiving vacuum of space for the less cold – but possibly even more unforgiving – surface of a planet. That’s right, we’re taking the

Groundrush Update - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

You already know about the new Solitude map and wonderful wormhole developments. Our Groundrush update offers a whole lot more beside. Let's hand over to CCP TerrorShark to inform us of all the other

Pilots Assemble at Wormhole 01A/269-52LK5. Warning: It’s a Minefield Out There

You have less than 24 hours to investigate the latest wormhole event. Wormhole 01A/269-52LK5 is located in the Outer Ring region close to planet TQ-RRB VII. On the other side of the conduit, you will

Solitude – The Story So Far

Have you checked out yesterday’s big Groundrush reveal yet? Of course you have. And now, like us, you’re probably on tenterhooks waiting for EVE: Valkyrie’s fifth major free update to go live. So, to

Groundrush Update - A New Map, Wormholes and more...

Hi pilots, it’s me - your friendly neighborhood level designer CCP Starbug here. I’m particularly excited for this update as I have the honor of introducing perhaps our most ambitious and radically

Groundrush is Coming – Here’s How to Find Out More

EVE: Valkyrie’s fifth major free update, Groundrush, has been announced live today at EVE: Fanfest 2017 and boy, it really is going to be a rush. It introduces the game’s first ever surface based map

EVE: Valkyrie at Fanfest – Then and Now

Believe it or not, it’s been four years since EVE: Valkyrie first made its mark at EVE Fanfest. While we’re celebrating Valkyrie’s first birthday out in the wild – it launched on Oculus Rift in March

EVE: Valkyrie PSVR – All the Bang, Half the Bucks!

Are you careful with your money? Do you look after the pennies so that the pounds can look after themselves? Do you get nervous when having to lay down the folding stuff? Are you, then (and this is

Introducing Roadmap – Your Valkyrie Crystal Ball (sort of)

In our ongoing pursuit of making your Valkyrie life easier (though not, we hasten to add, when it comes to battling in-game) we'd like to introduce you to the new Roadmap section of our website...

EVE Fanfest 2017 – Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Fan

It’s less than a week until the mighty EVE Fanfest 2017 event kicks off and to say we’re totally pumped about it would be an understatement. There’s a whole bunch of stuff for EVE: Valkyrie fans to

Ready for Launch – New Ship to join the Valkyrie line-up

As we get ever closer to Fanfest 2017, more details of the event continue to emerge. We are pleased to confirm that when April 6 rolls around and Fanfest gets under way, we’ll be releasing footage of

EVE Fanfest 2017: The ‘Before’ Party

It’s not an ‘official’ part of the Fanfest schedule, but it’s becoming a much-loved part of the annual event among Valkyrie pilots. We are of course talking about the Valhalla meet-up, a pre-Fanfest

Valkyrie Speak – The Secret Language of New Eden

Whenever human beings embark on a common pursuit – be it gaming, art, business, sport or social media – the participants soon develop their own vernacular to more easily communicate with one another

ProTips – Master the Maps in Your Support Ship

Welcome, one and all, to the final part of our triptych of play guides in which we help you to make the most of EVE: Valkyrie’s maps with each of the three ship classes. Having already covered

Happy Birthday EVE: Valkyrie

It’s hard to believe but EVE: Valkyrie marks its first birthday today. To say we are proud parents would be something of an understatement, so thanks to all our pilots for joining us on this unique

EVE: Valkyrie Double XP Week

You heard us right, a whole week. From 09:00 UTC Tuesday 28 March to 09:00 UTC on Tuesday 4 April, Valkyrie pilots will receive double XP from every mission they fly.

EVE: Valkyrie – In Praise of the Wraith

It’s every Valkyrie pilot’s first ship and the one they go back to most often. As the first birthday of EVE: Valkyrie approaches, we thought it was high time this fine figure of shiphood was feted

Warp Anomaly Detected in Wormhole 63B/715-50KF5

We are urgently requesting that any available pilots make their way to the Bleak Lands where a wormhole has opened up. The instability of the wormhole event indicates that there are fewer than 24

EVE Fanfest 2017 – Book a Dinner Date with CCP Roo

Okay, it’s not strictly a ‘date’ as such, but the roster of CCP developers attending the annual Fanfest charity dinner is expanding all the time and Valkyrie fans will be delighted to learn that the

Mini Masterclass – Support Beams

Just unlocked your first support craft? Quick isn’t it? Vulnerable? Yeah, sure, but flying support is Valkyrie’s best kept secret in terms of gaming satisfaction.

Pilot Training Modules – New and Improved

Our dislike of disorder is the reason we’ve been hard at work updating our comprehensive ship guides with all the latest data and information, so that new pilots can get an insight into the hardware

EVE: Valkyrie – The Big Conversation

If you want to find out the latest EVE: Valkyrie-related news, the best place to start is right here. However, you can also get alerted to everything that’s happening in New Eden and share your

ProTips – Master the Maps in Your Fighter – Part 2

Last time, ace pilot General Stargazer took us through a few essentials of tackling EVE: Valkyrie’s maps in a fighter. If you want to get up to speed, be sure to check out part one of the guide. This

Video Tutorial – How to Use the Micro Warp Drive

It’s that time of the month when we serve up a nutritious portion of gaming advice via the medium of video. For our latest video tutorial, we’re taking a look at the heavies and more specifically,

All Pilots Redirected to Wormhole 22A/809-03JB5 in Response to Necropolis Threat

Valkyrie pilots who have not already done so are hereby ordered to make their way to wormhole 22A/809-03JB5 , where a battle is raging to take control of the Necropolis site on the other side of the

Five Reasons to Get Excited About EVE Fanfest 2017

EVE Fanfest 2017 is almost here and this year we’re more pumped about it that ever. Quite apart from the fact that we’ll be celebrating EVE Online’s 14th birthday, we’re also super-excited about all

Developer Focus – Ship Building

Let’s face it, a Valkyrie pilot without a ship is like a plumber without a wrench… useless. Thankfully, we have people like Chung Wong, member of CCP's Newcastle development team and designer

EVE: Valkyrie A to Z – Part 3

OK, no messing around. This is it. The third and final part of our EVE: Valkyrie A to Z in which we tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the game. First step, let’s go shopping.

EVE: Valkyrie A to Z – Part 2

Hands up if you’re new to EVE: Valkyrie… Whoa, there are loads of you. Good, then this article is for you (and anyone else who wants a refresher course in the wonderful world of galactic battling in

Wormholes – The Story So Far

What a weird and wonderful month it’s been for Valkyrie pilots. Since EVE: Valkyrie’s major Wormholes update went live on February 15th, our flyers have been experiencing some truly bizarre twists on

EVE: Valkyrie – Showing on a Screen (Very) Near You

Have you been to the movies recently? Nah, of course not. Why spend time in La La Land when you can hang out in New Eden? In between actually playing the game might we advise that you sit back and

EVE: Valkyrie A to Z – Part 1

If you’re a freshly minted Valkyrie pilot you may be hearing stuff bandied around that makes absolutely no sense to you right now. Stuff like ‘Fatal’, ‘EMS’ and ‘New Eden’. What better way, then, to

The Great EVE: Valkyrie Challenge #3

It's time for another round of our EVE: Valkyrie challenges. As in previous months, we have three challenges for you. You can attempt any or all of them and we want you to share screens, vids or GIFs

ProTips: Master the Maps in Your Fighter – Part 1

Last time out, we took a look at how best to utilize the heavies on Valkyrie’s maps. This time it’s the turn of the fighters and for this one, we sought the sage advice of our old friend General

EVE: Valkyrie February Challenge – How Did You Do?

Welcome guys and gals and every stripe of Valkyrie pilot in between. March is well under way but allow us to take a glance back at the marvellous month, albeit a short one, that was February. Why?

Charity Begins in New Eden

Yes, in New Eden, space pirates and outlaws are a self-serving breed out for fame and fortune. But behind the curtain, out here in the real world, Valkyrie pilots couldn’t be a more lovely bunch of

EVE: Valkyrie Pro Tips – Master Every Map with the Heavies

Welcome to the next wave of ProTips features in which we ask some of New Eden’s best pilots to give us the benefit of their knowledge and expertise. In the past we’ve covered how to handle the

EVE: Valkyrie Wormholes – Your Questions Answered

A new wormhole opens up each week and runs from Friday through to Sunday. Each time you warp to the other side, you will find versions of the regular maps that have been corrupted in some way, with

EVE: Valkyrie Pilot Profile – Everything’s Shiny

The galaxy we call New Eden has expanded enormously over the past year and now encompasses three VR platforms. In keeping with our tradition of finding out a bit about our pilots we thought we'd turn

PS4Share and EVE: Valkyrie – It’s a PSVR Party!

Every once in a while we like to take a look-see at what our pilots have been up to in New Eden, so this time it’s the turn of the PSVR players who have been sharing their experiences via PS4Share

EVE: Valkyrie – Different Strokes for Different Folks

EVE: Valkyrie isn’t just about becoming the greatest pilot in New Eden, although clearly that is the ultimate achievement. The game provides a different experience for every individual who plays it.

PlayStation Pilots Listen Up!

Got a PS4? Got a PSVR? Got a copy of EVE: Valkyrie? The answer to all of the above, if you are reading this, is almost certainly ‘yes’. However, given that’s the case we want to reach out to you, our

New Eden Nightmare – A New Wormhole Has Opened

Anyone who played EVE: Valkyrie’s new Wormhole Mode last weekend won’t be reading this, they’ll already be strapping themselves into the cockpit and crossing the conduit to a new and unique Valkyrie

Total Recall – Live the Valkyrie Life

Check out EVE: Valkyrie's Recall missions. They’re short but sweet, giving you a little bit of the history behind the game, while also introducing you to some of the play mechanics. The best thing

Wormholes Week One – Sweets, Tweets and Community Creativity

How did you enjoy the opening of the very first EVE: Valkyrie wormhole? Judging by the amount of people charging through the conduit over the course of the wormhole’s existence, we’d say it’s been

EVE: Valkyrie Official Forums – Sign up Now

The ranks of the Valkyrie continue to swell daily, with more and more rookie pilots launching into New Eden all the time. However, many of these newcomers (and indeed more experienced players) are

Those Training Changes in Full

What a wonderful week it’s been. We are thrilled at the positive response to Wormholes, our latest major EVE: Valkyrie update. One of the many cool additions included in the update is a raft of

Leagues – Your Questions Answered

Needless to say, Wormholes mode is a fascinating addition to New Eden, no? That said, the future of EVE: Valkyrie may be more fundamentally rocked by the introduction of the League system. Have you

Wormholes Update is Here!

Prepare yourself for some extreme weirdness. We are enormously excited to announce that our latest major EVE: Valkyrie update, Wormholes, is now live. As well as delivering a whole new game mode,

Com Alerts and the Magic of Community Input

Creating an online multi-player VR game as complex as EVE: Valkyrie is no simple task so with the upcoming Wormholes update and the changes to Com Alerts, it’s a good time to go into a little more

EVE Fanfest 2017

EVE Fanfest, the huge annual event at which EVE Online gamers and developers get together in Reykjavik, Iceland for a big celebration, is mere weeks away. We are delighted to announce that once again

What Do You Call Yours?

In the real world people like to give their cars nicknames like The Tank, Little Miss Deathtrap and in more famous instances Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie. Some look down on the practice,

What the Heck is a Wormhole, Anyway?

Given that it’s a mere four days until EVE: Valkyrie’s amazing new Wormholes update launches, we thought now might be a good time to set the record straight regarding wormholes and how they fit into

Wormholes Update: All the Details

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first of our 2017 game updates for EVE: Valkyrie – Wormholes. Fresh from winter holidays, the team here at Newcastle have been busy creating a range of

EVE: Valkyrie’s Sci-fi Ancestry – Part 2

In yesterday’s article we looked at the world of science fiction movies and how EVE: Valkyrie is building on that great body of work. Today we turn our attention briefly to games, and more

EVE: Valkyrie’s Sci-fi Ancestry – Part 1

Science fiction has long been a mainstay of popular fiction, cinema and videogames. In some (dare we say, ignorant) quarters it’s seen as pure entertainment, simply an author’s flight of fancy

The Great EVE: Valkyrie Challenge #2

We had such a great response to our New Year Challenge that we thought, what the heck, we’ll run one every month. This month we have some corkers for you. The challenges can be pretty tough but no

EVE: Valkyrie… The Musical?

OK, so that heading is a little misleading. We’re not talking an entire musical based on EVE: Valkyrie here, but rather the upcoming creation of a fan-made Valkyrie theme song.

Pilot Props, All the Feels

Are you a new Valkyrie pilot? If the answer is ‘yes’, have you joined our official forums yet? If the answer to that is ‘no’ we would urge you to do so right now. Quite apart from the forums being a

Rookies’ Round-up: All the Goodies in One Place!

The new year in New Eden has started with a bang and January has been an exciting month for Valkyrie pilots, many of whom are just getting to grips with the game after bagging their VR kit over the

Takedown of the Month!

We wouldn’t normally flag up a single 30 second vid but this one refers back to a Pro Tips article we ran a few days ago. Plus, it’s awesome. Check out the footage of the hard-to-achieve ‘Warp

Pro Tips: Flying Support on Gateway

So here it is, the third and final guide to flying the various ship classes on the new Gateway map. This time around we’ll be taking a look at Support Class. Your host will be Anska, an ace Valkyrie

Getting to Know EVE: Valkyrie’s Maps

Even if you’ve only just entered New Eden, you’re probably already aware that there are six main multi-player maps to do battle in, each of them taking its inspiration from locations in CCP Games’

Pro Tips: Heavies Versus Support

For the second in our series of ‘Versus’ guides we turn to another of New Eden’s finest pilots, Nydwen. He specializes in the piloting of heavy class ships so who better to impart advice on how to

Mini Masterclass – Cover

Hello again rookies. It’s time for another one of our mini masterclasses in which we impart some wisdom on the art of battle to those just beginning their Valkyrie adventure. Any experienced pilot

EVE: Valkyrie New Year Challenge – You Dared to Rise

At the start of the new year we gave you the EVE: Valkyrie New Year Challenge featuring a bunch of tough tasks to complete and we must say, we are mightily impressed by some of the action you’ve sent

The Yin and Yang of EVE: Valkyrie – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our feature exploring the ways in which the CCP Newcastle team went about creating and honing EVE: Valkyrie into the balanced multi-player, multi-mode dogfighting

The Yin and Yang of EVE: Valkyrie – Part 1

Attempting to develop an online multi-player videogame on any platform is no slight task. Thanks to more than a decade of experience in doing so with EVE Online, the team here at CCP Games is in a

Holiday Creative Compo: The Results!

It was a big ask, but boy did you respond. In the lead-up to the holiday season we asked you to take time out from playing games, shopping, and doing all that family-related nonsense and make

EVE: Valkyrie in Ink – Tat’s Entertainment!

We’re already aware that our EVE: Valkyrie pilots are a passionate group but some of them have gone the extra mile and put themselves through the ordeal of having needles stuck in their skin to

The Great EVE: Valkyrie Bake-off!

Who could have guessed that the hard-bitten pilot who ‘offs’ Guristas without a second thought each and every evening during epic EVE: Valkyrie sessions can be found, the very next day, donning an

Developer Focus: The Concept Artist

Any artistic endeavour, any work of literature, music, theatre or film starts in the same place. With empty space. A clean white sheet of paper or a blank screen on which the enviably creative people

Pilot Profile: Anska

It’s time, once again, to meet one of New Eden’s most familiar faces. On this occasion, it’s ace pilot Anska. She’s an avid flyer, a specialist in support class ships, an active member of the EVE:

Mini Masterclass - Missile Deployment

Like a chat-up line in a romantic situation, depending on how and when you deploy your missiles they can be devastatingly effective and seal the deal or utterly useless and leave you vulnerable and

EVE: Valkyrie – Dates for your diary

If we learned anything from 2016 it’s that EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie players are bubbling over with enthusiasm and work hard to maintain a vibrant community and busy schedule of EVE-related,

Happy Holidays for PSVR Players

We know we certainly had a great time over the holidays and it would seem our PlayStation VR-owning pilots did too. Via the magic of PS4Share they’ve been posting a host of highlights of their new

Pro Tips: Master the Fighter Class in Gateway

EVE: Valkyrie’s latest map, Gateway, is proving to be something of a hit with the pilots of New Eden. If you’re new to the game you might want a few tips on how best to exploit this complex and

Pilot Profile: Gigai

Welcome to our first pilot profile of 2017. On this occasion we’re pinging a few questions in the direction of Gigai, an experienced Valkyrie pilot who makes an enormous contribution to the community

The EVE: Valkyrie New Year Challenge – Show us what you got!

Even if you only recently joined the ranks of the Valkyrie over the holiday period you’ve now had a decent amount of flying hours to polish those piloting moves so it’s time to put your skillz to the

EVE: Valkyrie Forums - Come Join the Fun

Are you new to EVE: Valkyrie? Wondering what that picture of a kick-ass guitar is doing there? If so we would urge you to head over to our official Forums and get yourself an account immediately.

New Year, New Gear

It’s always nice to start a new year with good intentions and a snappy new outfit. Both in the real world and in EVE: Valkyrie nothing sets you on the right path like being freshly suited and booted.

2016: The Year of EVE: Valkyrie

2016 has been an exhilarating time for those of us lucky enough to be inhabitants of New Eden. The Valkyrie family just keeps getting bigger and bigger so now is, we think, the perfect time to take a

EVE: Valkyrie: Some New Year’s Resolutions

It’s at this time of year that many people like to reflect on their behaviour over the previous 12 months and vow to make a few adjustments for the better. It’s a fine sentiment, so we thought we

The EVE: Valkyrie Holiday Quiz

As we segue into a new year, it seems appropriate to put our pilots’ Valkyrie knowledge to the test. Try out our quiz and discover whether you are one of Valkyrie’s best or a work-in-progress.

Top Takedowns in EVE: Valkyrie

A substantial part of what makes EVE: Valkyrie such a joy to be part of is the passionate and active player community that has built up around the game. As we rush headlong into 2017, we wanted to

Got a new VR Kit and EVE: Valkyrie? Listen up!

We’re going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess you’re reading this because you got some tasty new VR hardware and EVE: Valkyrie over the holidays... are we right? If so, you need to be

Big Holiday Savings on EVE: Valkyrie

Today’s the day that all the planets are in alignment and you can get a whopping 33% off EVE: Valkyrie regardless of which VR platform you are playing on.

Pilot Profile: QuantumDelta

He’s one of the most active members – and best pilots – in the EVE: Valkyrie community. He’s a regular streamer and contributor to the forums and if you ever attend a public event with a Valkyrie

Grab Some Salvage on the New Gateway Map

Experienced players will already know about salvage and its usefulness in EVE: Valkyrie, but for newcomers, it’s worth outlining exactly what it is and why you should be interested in it.

ICYMI: Exclusive Sanguine Paint Job Still Up for Grabs

In case you’ve only just joined the ranks of the Valkyrie and missed our previous announcement, we are currently giving away an exclusive Sanguine Paint Job to anyone who plays the game from now up

Life Skillz: Build a Warp Gate with CCP Starbug

OK, we confess. This article won’t help you to build an ‘actual’ warp gate, but it will give you some intriguing insights into CCP Newcastle’s thinking when they designed EVE: Valkyrie’s cool new

Pro Tips: Handling Heavies in Gateway

It’s less than two weeks since the new Gateway map went live but already New Eden’s finest pilots are getting to grips with this fascinating, and somewhat chilly, new environment. We spoke to ace

Pilot Profile: Nydwen

It’s always fascinating to see where our community of space pirates came from and what led them to become the galaxy’s hottest combatants, and this time we are chatting to none other than Nydwen.

Make Valkyrie Stuff, Win Valkyrie Stuff

Here at CCP Newcastle we find ourselves immensely blessed with a community of passionate, enthusiastic and creative fans for all our games, and that includes EVE: Valkyrie despite the game only being

Daily Challenges Explained

When you’re not arranging a deep-space dust-up with friends we would urge you to take a little time to explore the Daily Challenges as there are several very good reasons to do so. Let’s take a look.

Pro Tips: Fighters Versus Heavies

Welcome to the latest in our ongoing series of play guides in which one of New Eden’s foremost Valkyrie pilots imparts his wisdom to our newer recruits. In fact this one kicks off a whole new raft of

EVE: Valkyrie Tournament of Champions 2016… The Video!

Back in October at the annual EVE Vegas event held at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, the inaugural Tournament of Champions took place in which ace EVE: Valkyrie pilots from around the globe

The Gateway Map: Hands-on with CCP Roo

It’s barely 48 hours since the launch of EVE: Valkyrie’s Gatecrash update but already the new Gateway map is proving to be a fascinating place to inhabit. We spoke to Lead Game Designer Andy Willans,

The Science of Sound - Making EVE: Valkyrie Explode in your Ears!

How do you go about creating a 3D environment in sound using only a set of headphones and more pertinently, how do you make it robust enough to sound convincing when the player is free to move in

Gatecrash Is Here!

The Gatecrash update has literally ‘gatecrashed’ the Valkyrie party and you can download it now. Here are four rock-solid reasons why you should do so.

Gatecrash Double XP Weekend!

The Gatecrash update is live and our faithful EVE: Valkyrie pilots finally get the chance to explore our new Gateway map. To celebrate the Gatecrash update we’ve arranged for one of our Double XP

The Gateway Map – Nine Screens, Nine Reasons to get Pumped!

Tomorrow’s the big day, pilots. The new Gatecrash update goes live and you get to try out the new Gateway map for the first time. You’ll no doubt have already had a look at the new trailer but we

Reminder! EVE: Valkyrie Live Stream from PlayStation Experience 2016… Tonight!

Don’t even think about having an early night tonight. There’s a galactic event occurring this evening that you simply won’t want to miss. It's a live stream from the huge PlayStation Experience 2016

Valkyrie Job Swap – The RAF Helicopter Crewman

As December is now in full swing we thought it a good time to pluck another victim from his day job and place him in the role of a Valkyrie pilot. The reason we are doing it is to find out if that

Watch and Learn – EVE: Valkyrie in motion

We love our EVE: Valkyrie pilots. Not only do you loyal outlaws zip around New Eden causing havoc, but you also seem to be able to find the time to share your experiences with the rest of the

EVE: Valkyrie… A PlayStation Experience

As we enter the first week of December it’s worth noting that this is a thrilling time for EVE: Valkyrie players in general and, when it comes to this weekend, PlayStation gamers in particular.

Pro Tips: Team play tactics from Quantum Delta

If you are a relatively new pilot and you and your online buddies are struggling to notch up the victories in team play, perhaps we can bring you a quantum of solace in the form of some top tips from

Bling up your desktop with some shiny new Valkyrie artwork

Would you like to get yourself a piece of Valkyrie's visual awesomeness? Head over to our media page and you’ll find a veritable Aladdin’s cave of screenshots, wallpapers and videos for your

Know Your Foe – A Quickstart Guide for Rookies

his is for those of you who have just begun your life as a Valkyrie pilot. If you are taking your first nervous steps into combat, you need to know a little about the sorts of enemies you are going

Pilot Profile: Super Kev

It’s that time again when one of our best EVE: Valkyrie pilots gets dragged out blinking into the spotlight as we fire a bunch of questions at them. This time it’s a chap called SuperKev who, if

Developer Focus: Creating Valkyrie’s Maps

As any avid online gamer will tell you, the success or failure of any multiplayer shooter is, in large part, down to the strength of its map design. We caught up with level designer at CCP Newcastle,

Two EVE VR games for the price of one

If you’re a Vive owner and you’re thinking of diving into the wonderful world of space-based combat provided by EVE: Valkyrie you can capitalize on a great offer that’s running right now.

EVE: Valkyrie: One Big Happy/Fighty Family

The EVE: Valkyrie community just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year we have seen Valkyrie debut on Oculus Rift then roll out to PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. It’s taken a lot of work to get to

Ships, Suits and Avatars – Valkyrie’s Cool Collectibles

Did you know that EVE: Valkyrie is packed with loads of cool extra content and rewards to covet and collect during your time in New Eden? Let’s take a look at the goodies on offer.

Valkyrie on Vive… We Have Liftoff!

Hello Vive pilots! Enjoying your experience so far? Now that some of you are well and truly initiated into the ranks of the Valkyrie we figured it’s the perfect time to bring you up to speed on how

Founder’s Keepers – Exclusive content in the Vive Founder’s Pack

As with the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR versions of EVE: Valkyrie before it, when you sign up to become a New Eden pilot on HTC Vive you get a big bag of booty in the EVE: Valkyrie Vive Founder’s

Double XP Weekend: 18-21 November 2016

Yesterday was a great day as we saw the successful launch of EVE: Valkyrie on Steam and HTC Vive and the influx of a whole new generation of pilots eager to make their mark in New Eden.

EVE: Valkyrie on HTC Vive… See it Here First!

What a time to be alive! EVE: Valkyrie has hit Steam and we can now welcome HTC Vive gamers into the ranks of the Valkyrie. A hearty and pirate-y hello to one and all.

You’re Five Minutes from Free Stuff – Get Involved!

When you get a spare moment or two between dogfights and point capturing you should take a few minutes to register with us and link your Valkyrie pilot to a CCP account for two great reasons. The

Valkyrie Job Swap – The Bomber Pilot

Welcome to the first in a new monthly series of articles in which we invite regular Joe’s and Josie’s off the street to try their hand at space combat to see whether or not their day jobs or former

Patch R5.4 is now live

EVE: Valkyrie’s Patch R5.4 is now live! This contains handy improvements including new Controller Mapping and new Recently Met Players on PS4 as well as bug fixes for friends lists and squads.

Watch EVE: Valkyrie, streamed live!

You can up your Valkyrie game even when you’re not playing by catching up with some of the community’s more active members who regularly livestream their gaming activities just so that folks like you

Pro tips – Get your squad in shape with Wan5

Valkyrie pilot Wan5 is currently ranked number one in the world and recently helped his team, the Invaders, romp home with victory in the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas. Who better, then, to

Patch Deployment Delayed (2016_R5.4)

Due to a potential issue with our marquee feature which controls our new controller remapping, we feel that it is necessary to postpone Patch (2016_R5.4) which was due to be deployed today in order

Sharing the EVE: Valkyrie love, PSVR-style

Following our shout out to PlayStation VR EVE: Valkyrie players after the game's October 13 launch, we’re pleased to see there’s no shortage of space-based love for the game going on in the

EVE: Valkyrie – An introduction for HTC Vive gamers

It’s game on for all you HTC Vive gamers. You are just a hop, a skip and a warp away from experiencing the unique thrill of piloting your own virtual space craft and taking part in epic dogfights.

EVE Gunjack: There’s more than one VR game in the EVE Universe

If you’re a recent recruit to the ranks of the Valkyrie (yes, we’re looking at you PlayStation VR pilots) you might not have realized that there’s more than one virtual reality game based in the EVE

Halloween Decorations Contest Winners

Wow what an amazing spooky selection of entries we had in the Halloween decoration and spooky snacks contest! To judge a competition of this caliber we brought in CCP Bosun (CCP Newcastle baker

Pilot Profile: Wan5

Wan5 is an extremely active member of the EVE: Valkyrie community and a pilot whose record in the cockpit is mightily impressive. He has racked up several tournament wins including the Tournament of

EVE Vegas 2016: And the winners are…

This year’s event at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has drawn to a close and we think it was the best yet, not least because as well as all the cool EVE Online stuff going on, there was also a

Live from Las Vegas!

In case it had slipped your notice, the mighty EVE Vegas 2016 event is underway at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino this weekend and while a lot of the glitz and glamor surrounds EVE Online,

Calling all PSVR Valkyrie Pilots… share the glory!

It’s been a couple of weeks since EVE: Valkyrie launched on PlayStation VR and the response from our new players has been tremendous. Now that you’ve all had chance to start making a name for

EVE: Valkyrie Is Coming To HTC Vive This November

It’s EVE Vegas this weekend, and hidden amongst all the hubbub and noise are some really exciting developments for EVE: Valkyrie. Lead Game Designer Andy Willans (CCP Roo) took to the stage to

Three Ways to Instantly Up Your Game

Welcome rookies. Are you keen to make your mark in the EVE: Valkyrie Universe? Are you thinking you can’t wait to show your friends and foes what you’re made of?

EVE: Valkyrie at EVE Vegas

With EVE Vegas 2016 just around the corner, we’re happy to announce a little more information about what awesome EVE: Valkyrie events you’ll be able to experience during the largest three-day

What kind of EVE: Valkyrie pilot are you?

Anyone can read a tutorial or watch a how-to video, but developing a personal style, an aerial signature if you will, is the true path to greatness.

Valkyrie's Most Memorable Moments

What a year it has been so far for the EVE: Valkyrie Community. Not only have we now launched on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR and released two major free updates, but we’ve also staged a whole host

How to Build Your Reputation in EVE: Valkyrie

Some stars shine brighter and more vibrantly than others, so this might be the perfect time to hand over to ace pilot and active Valkyrie community member Rot to tell us how we, as individual stars

PlayStation VR Voice Comms and Squadding… Explained!

It’s not very complicated to use voice communication and form a squad in EVE: Valkyrie, but you do need to follow a few instructions to get the desired result.

Pilot Profile: Rot

From the moment I was first introduced to New Eden, I saw a chance to stand out and make myself known in the greatest living work of science fiction I had ever experienced.

Why not start building your EVE universe library? Remember, knowledge is power

If you want to know more about the EVE universe but don’t know where to start, we suggest checking out a few of the brilliant books on the subject. We’ve picked three of our favorites.

EVE: Valkyrie Halloween Decorations Contest

As you may know our wonderful community is very creative, recently you even designed Forum Avatars which got turned into real in-game decals as well as some awesome stickers for the Community to hand

Get to know your ship… no, seriously. Do it!

As a rookie Valkyrie pilot you need to realize your ship is not just your hot set of space wheels… it’s your second skin, and the more you know about its instrumentation and the data it constantly

Double XP Weekend: 21-24 October 2016

EVE: Valkyrie will have a Double XP weekend from 9:00am UTC on Friday, 21 October 2016 to 9:00am UTC on Monday, 24 October 2016!

The verdict is in...

What a week it’s been. We are delighted, and more than a little humbled, by the press response we’ve had to the delivery of our PSVR baby.

All About EVE – A Brief History of the EVE Universe

EVE Online is a player-driven massively multi-player online RPG in which thousands of players take part simultaneously to establish their own place in the universe.

Why EVE: Valkyrie is the ultimate in wish fulfillment

Phenomenal processing power and low-cost technology have finally made affordable home VR a reality and in EVE: Valkyrie gamers at last have the opportunity to experience how it feels to be caught up

EVE: Valkyrie explodes onto PSVR

Would-be players of EVE: Valkyrie on PSVR must be going through a rollercoaster ride of emotions right now, with itchy trigger fingers, the sweat of anticipation beading down their furrowed brows and

Pilot Profile: General Stargazer

The first in a series of articles in which we introduce you to the world’s best EVE: Valkyrie pilots.

Early warning: Get EVE Fanfest on your radar

Ok, get your galactic diaries out: we’ve got a date for you — it’s a biggie so we’re getting in early. April 6th-8th, 2017, Reykjavík, Iceland. Yep, Iceland. It’s EVE Fanfest 2017, a massive

Team Talk: New comms tech hits Valkyrie

Com Alerts are short sharp messages you can send between teammates in an instant

Meet your friends (and frenemies) at EVE London

Fancy bumping into that support class team mate who regularly Spiderbots you to safety? Or maybe you want to share a pint with that Rhino pilot who’s always head tracking his Tri Flak cannon right up

Joint Strike has arrived

We’re delighted to announce Joint Strike, our second major free update to EVE: Valkyrie, has arrived!

Double XP all launch weekend

To celebrate the launch of Joint Strike and the arrival of EVE: Valkyrie's cross-platform play, CCP have decided to mark the occasion with a Double XP Weekend!

Reddit AMA with CCP Roo and CCP Redcape on /R/PSVR

If you're interested in finding out how the development team created EVE: Valkyrie CCP_Roo will be leading an AMA on the PSVR subreddit /r/PSVR this Thursday at 18:00 UTC

Joint Strike Update Coming in October

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to our next major free update for EVE: Valkyrie, coming week of October 10, as well as our patch notes! We are on the verge of welcoming a *whole new

PlayStation VR Founder’s Pack Details

Earlier this month we announced we’re partnering with PlayStation to publish EVE: Valkyrie as a physical retail disk for the launch of PlayStation VR on 13 October, 2016. It’s a project we’ve all

EVE: Valkyrie on Twitch Stage at EGX

EVE: Valkyrie's very own Level Designer, the wonderful CCP Starbug will be talking all things EVE: Valkyrie at EGX tomorrow at 14.15 on the Twitch stage with the legendary Spamfish and Nysira.

PlayStation Future of Play Tour

If you're based in the UK and want a chance to try PSVR, and possibly get your hands on a Valkyrie demo head on over to the Future of Play Tour website to book a spot at

EVE: Valkyrie at EVE NT this weekend

This weekend sees the return of the incredibly popular UK based player EVE player Gathering EVE NT. Attendees will get a chance to play EVE: Valkyrie via attendee run demos, watch a presentation by

Partnering with PlayStation

CCP Sentinel here, Brand Director at CCP Games. On behalf of our entire CCP Newcastle crew, I’m excited to announce that we are partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment to publish EVE: Valkyrie as

EVE: Valkyrie guests on PlayStation blog

This week as part of our game takeover for PlayStation, the EVE: Valkyrie development team have been guest writing some awesome articles for PlayStation blog.

Forum Avatar Contest Winners

Last week at CCP Newcastle the CCP Developers locked themselves in a room and looked at the wonderful entries to this competition. Due to the fact we got so many awesome entries, we decided to grant

EVE Vegas Updates

We're happy to announce two more developers who'll be in attendance from the Valkyrie team to talk a little about what's going on in the world of the Valkyries, and organize the EVE Valkyrie

New! Carrier Assault Wallpapers

Yesterday we released some beautiful new wallpapers to celebrate the launch of our first major free update, Carrier Assault!

EVE: Valkyrie coming to PlayStation VR October 13

We're delighted to confirm EVE: Valkyrie will be launching on PlayStation VR October 13.

Announcing the Valkyrie graphic novel hardcover

The book is now in select comic book stores and will be released widely on May 31st in stores and at online retailers like Amazon, where it is already available for pre-order.

Battle the Devs III

Battle the Devs III will commence on the 21 May starting at 3pm UTC on the EU servers and 6pm UTC on the US servers.

Soundtrack now available on SoundCloud

We're delighted to announce that 3 tracks from the beautiful EVE: Valkyrie soundtrack are now available on SoundCloud

EVE: Valkyrie Fanfest Presentations

Catch up on the Fanfest annoucements and events

EVE: Valkyrie Cross-Platform Play

We're delighted to announce that EVE: Valkyrie will support cross-platform play between the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

EVE: Valkyrie at EVE Fanfest 2016

We're delighted to announce that EVE: Valkyrie will be at EVE Fanfest 2016.

EVE: Valkyrie alpha ends 12 March

The EVE: Valkyrie alpha has been running since 18 January, and in that time we have watched our alpha pilots Battle the Devs (twice); seen awesome player-driven streaming events; taken the alpha to

EVE Valkyrie at EVE_NT

EVE NT is a really awesome player run EVE Online event in Northern England. Attendees will get to play with the current Valkyrie Alpha build which has live online combat, new ship types and lots of

Battle the Devs II: This time it's personal

We got really good feedback from you from the last Battle the Devs event, so I’m excited to say we are bringing back the event in February, bigger and better than ever. We’re looking at doing Battle