Mini Masterclass – Own Carrier Assault with the Fighters

It’s seems only right that when talking about everyone’s favorite EVE: Valkyrie play mode, we should turn to the galaxy’s favorite ace fighter pilot General Stargazer for advice. Take it away, General. ... Read more

It’s Carrier Assault Day – Let’s Have Some Fun

Today’s the day! It’s exactly a year ago today the EVE: Valkyrie’s Carrier Assault Mode was launched, and true to our word, we’re going to celebrate it in some considerable style. ... Read more

Mini Masterclass – Flying Heavies in Team Deathmatch

In previous articles, we’ve discussed how to handle fighters and support craft in a TDM, but when engaged in a schoolyard scrap, it’s always good to have some muscle on your side. Let’s take a look ... Read more

Carrier Assault – Upcoming Anniversary Event

It’s coming up to a year since EVE: Valkyrie’s Carrier Assault mode was introduced, so we thought it might be fun to mark the moment with a few celebratory events. ... Read more


Video Tutorial – The Key to Communication

Our latest video tutorial focuses on how to use Com Alerts and keep everyone in your squad informed at all times as to the state of play during a battle. ... Read more

Video Tutorial: Get to Know the Solitude Map

Since appearing as part of the recent major free Valkyrie update  Groundrush, the all-new planet-based Solitude map has proven extremely popular with our pilots. If you’ve only just joined the ranks ... Read more

Video Tutorial: Take Cover!

Success in EVE: Valkyrie is as much about holding back from the enemy as homing in on them. With that in mind, we’ve put together a little video tutorial for all our rookies out there, highlighting ... Read more

Video Tutorial – Get Match Fit, Rookies!

Are you new to New Eden? Then our latest video tutorial is exactly what you need. Here’s where we show you how to get yourself trained up and match fit to take on other pilots in the Multiplayer and ... Read more

Pilot Training

Get to Know Your Ship… No, seriously. Do it!

As a rookie Valkyrie pilot, you need to realize your ship is not just your hot set of space wheels… it’s your second skin. Take the time to study it in detail and properly prepare for what lies ... Read more

Pro Tips: Let's get HEAVY with ace pilot Nydwen

Welcome to the second in our series of hook-ups with the world’s best EVE: Valkyrie pilots, in which we help you become a better battler. ... Read more

Getting started with Team Play

Remember, in team play you’ve got team responsibilities… a fire and forget approach isn’t going to turn out well. ... Read more

Dev Blogs

Welcome to the Next Innovation: The Valkyrie League

We are thrilled to announce, as part of the Wormholes update, a significant and substantial new feature for EVE: Valkyrie… Leagues. It’s our goal to constantly improve EVE: Valkyrie’s competitive experience, so join us for a few moments as we take you through this exciting new development. ... Read more

Wormholes - Introducing Wormhole Events

Wormholes are special events offering you a portal into the unknown. Pilots brave enough to enter will find things have all gone a little bit, different, as rips in reality have brought about some ... Read more

Pilot Customization – A Sartorial Revolution

Just because you’re tucked into the claustrophobic cockpit of a spaceship doesn’t mean you can’t rock a good look. To that end we’ve given you the opportunity, via today’s Gatecrash update, to ... Read more