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Welcome to the Next Innovation: The Valkyrie League

We are thrilled to announce, as part of the Wormholes update, a significant and substantial new feature for EVE: Valkyrie… Leagues. It’s our goal to constantly improve EVE: Valkyrie’s competitive experience, so join us for a few moments as we take you through this exciting new development.

Wormholes - Introducing Wormhole Events

Wormholes are special events offering you a portal into the unknown. Pilots brave enough to enter will find things have all gone a little bit, different, as rips in reality have brought about some

Pilot Customization – A Sartorial Revolution

Just because you’re tucked into the claustrophobic cockpit of a spaceship doesn’t mean you can’t rock a good look. To that end we’ve given you the opportunity, via today’s Gatecrash update, to

EVE: Valkyrie launches on Steam and HTC Vive

Today we are incredibly excited to welcome our new community of Vive players to EVE: Valkyrie. Our goal of creating the first cross-platform, multiplayer VR game has now become a reality, and our

The Revolution Continues

It’s been an incredible year so far for EVE: Valkyrie and the best is yet to come. Since our launch on Oculus Rift in March, our players have fully immersed themselves in the EVE Universe and been

EVE: Valkyrie boxed or download? It’s your choice…

The EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation VR launch day is approaching! So remember, as well as being available on 13 October as a day-one digital download on the PlayStation Store, EVE: Valkyrie will be

Getting a PSVR? Make ‘space’ in your schedule for October 13.

These are exciting times for PlayStation gamers. We are about to enter a new era of console gaming with the arrival, on 13 October, of Sony’s virtual reality platform PlayStation VR. It’s the first,

Avatar Competition Update

As some of you may know, a little while ago we launched a creative competition which asked our Community to inspire the EVE: Valkyrie art team to create new forum Avatars.I’m delighted to announce

Joint Strike Update: all the details

Forget December and all that fat-guy-in-a-red-suit nonsense. For EVE: Valkyrie pilots, at least, Christmas starts on October 7. CCP Games has lined up its biggest and meatiest free update yet: it’s

Joint Strike - Introducing Test Arena

I’m CCP Starbug and I’d like to tell you a bit about the addition of the Test Arena into EVE: Valkyrie - a feature we have created to help ease new players into our game, thanks to pilot feedback on

Joint Strike- Introducing Com Alerts

It’s with great pleasure that we can now introduce you to the Com Alerts feature coming in the Joint Strike update! Com Alerts is a brand new system that allows pilots to quickly send messages to

Joint Strike Recall Missions Behind the Scenes

Through the Valkyrie project one of our design pillars has been that immersion in virtual reality is about more than just the technology: It’s about crafting a believable world for you, the pilot, to

Joint Strike - Introducing Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are goals, tasks or challenges that pilots will receive when they log in to EVE: Valkyrie. There are a variety on offer that provide different rewards when completed. Challenges can

Tournament of Champions at EVE Vegas

This October, EVE Universe player gathering 'EVE Vegas' at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino will be the setting for an EVE: Valkyrie tournament where winners of the Reykjavik Rumble, INVADERS will go

Early Concept Art - Flight Suit and S4 Wraith

We've just released some never before seen concept art for PlayStation VR Founder’s Pack Flight Suit and S4 Wraith. PlayStation pilots will be easy to spot when you see them in the Clone Vat

Behind the Scenes - Artificial Intelligence

With the recent AI update bringing personality to the EVE: Valkyrie bots, we sat down with Lead AI Engineer CCP Synapse to talk about all things Artificial Intelligence.

Developer Spotlight CCP Sine

Our developer spotlight series continues with CCP Newcastle's resident Sound Designer CCP Sine. We sat down with Sine to chat about his work on the iconic sound of Valkyrie.

Developer Spotlight CCP Bosun

John Nejady AKA CCP Bosun or ‘Nej’ has been with the EVE: Valkyrie team since 2014. As the game’s Associate Producer, we sat down with him to talk about some of the dev team’s focus.

Forum Avatar Contest

To celebrate the launch of Carrier Assault, we’d like to see what awesome forum avatar ideas the Valkyrie community can creat. our favorite entry will receive an awesome EVE: Valkyrie Controller,

Developer Spotlight CCP Starbug

From Fanfest Panels to events like EVE_NT, CCP Starbug is a well known face of the Valkyrie Development team. An active forum poster and gaming enthusiast, we sat down with Starbug to chat about how

Introducing EVE: Valkyrie’s New Carrier Assault Mode

At this year’s EVE Fanfest, we’re sharing new details on Carrier Assault, one of the major features coming soon with EVE: Valkyrie’s first free gameplay update. In Carrier Assault, you’ll be running

Welcome to the Revolution

A message from EVE: Valkyrie Executive Producer Owen O'Brien. It's been nearly three years since I first tried on a modern VR headset and since then I've never looked back. Well actually that's

Battle the Devs II- Thanks for the Battle

In January, we decided to test our Alpha players with a 'Battle the Devs' event and we were overwhelmed with the response, so I’m excited to say we brought back the event in February, bigger and