Battle the Devs II- Thanks for the Battle

by CCP Redcape
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The last couple of weeks have been incredibly important for EVE: Valkyrie. Our players have been vital to us, giving us feedback, testing the game and being incredibly active on social media, be it streaming, podcasts, meeting us at events like EVE_NT and organizing their own.

In January, we decided to test our Alpha players with a 'Battle the Devs' event and we were overwhelmed with the response, so I’m excited to say we brought back the event in February, bigger and better than ever. Battle the Devs II commenced on the 24 February 18:00 GMT.

For those of you who are interested in watching the event, keep your eyes peeled for links to the streams, and if you want to get involved on social media, follow us on Twitter #EVEValkyrie #BattleTheDevs and on Facebook.

Thank you all so much for all your feedback and support. We loved putting our Alpha players piloting skills to the test against us here at CCP Newcastle!

This time, it's personal. JOIN THE ALPHA