Joint Strike - Introducing Daily Challenges

by CCP Groot
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Hello Pilots,

As part of the Joint Strike update I’m excited to introduce you to the Daily Challenges feature.

Daily Challenges are goals, tasks or challenges that pilots will receive when they log in to EVE: Valkyrie. There are a variety on offer that provide different rewards when completed. Challenges can reward you with Visk, XP or Salvage, and some even grant you multiple rewards upon completion.

Some examples of the kinds of challenges players can expect include having to kill 5 fighters in a single match, getting first blood in a battle, or capturing 3 objectives in any mode. We don’t want to give too many more away right now, so you’ll have to play and see for yourselves!


When booting the client for the first time once the update is applied, you will be given three empty challenge slots. Once per day, you will be awarded a new challenge, but only if you have an empty challenge slot available. Three challenges can be stored at one time but you’re only ever awarded one challenge per day.

Challenges don't stack, however, which means that you can’t wait three days to be awarded three challenges in one go and then complete them all at once. If you don’t log on for a particular day or if you have no empty slots then you won’t receive a new challenge. You can choose to replace any of the challenges that the you have, but only one challenge a day can be replaced at any one time. When you replace a challenge you will immediately be given another one at random.

Note that there are two instances when players won’t receive a challenge. First, if you have no free challenge slots available, and second if you have already received that day’s challenge.

A list of your active daily challenges and each one's progress is shown in two places: when booting the game you can see an overview of your daily challenges, plus you can also see your active challenges in the daily challenge hub which is located in the main menu.


As always if you have any thoughts or feedback lets us know via the forums!

Fly Safe,

CCP Groot