All Guardian Pilots are to Report to Wormhole 00A/955-55JE5. A Schism Incursion is in Progress

by CCP Games
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The Genesis region of Amarr Empire space has come under threat by a Schism assault, intended to strategically exploit the latest wormhole phenomenon that has opened up there.

Pilots reporting back have described a corrupted version of the area we know as Crossroads, near the planet Otakoo XI. On the other side of the conduit is a shimmering, ethereal environment bathed in a golden light. We have named this area Goldenroad.

Weapons are functioning as normal, but conditions through the wormhole have for some reason rendered every ship, apart from the Guardian, inoperable.

Remember to work as a unit. This is a Deathmatch scenario and while we only have support ships at our disposal, the Guardian’s primary weapon, its Gatling guns, can be highly effective in an intense dogfighting situation such as this.

You have fewer than 72 hours to turn the tide of battle.

Good luck out there, pilots!