Attention Valkyrie: Fleet Compromised. Head to Wormhole 00B/285-55JR5 Immediately.

by CCP Games
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All Valkyrie pilots are ordered to immediately assemble at planet Otakoo XI in the Amarr-controlled Genesis region.

A highly volatile wormhole (00B/285-55JR5) has opened up in the area known as Crossroads. This is not an unprecedented event. We have seen something similar before and we are assigning this corrupted alternate space the codename "Goldenroad".

There are several things to bear in mind on passing through the conduit. First, conditions in Goldenroad are nothing short of bizarre. Quite apart from the hazy, dusty environment itself, the wormhole is also adversely affecting our weaponry. The effectiveness of missiles has been greatly enhanced, which on the surface would seem like a good thing, but it also holds true of the enemy’s missiles. Your evasive skills are going to be tested to the limit.

In addition, our fleet of heavy and support craft have been rendered inoperable, so you will be engaging the Schism in a Deathmatch with only the Wraith and the Sentry at your disposal. These are extremely capable ships, but do not underestimate the ferocity of the battles you will be engaging in here.

You have only 72 hours to nullify the Schism threat before the wormhole collapses. Time is of the essence.

Good luck, pilots!