Battle the Devs II: This time it's personal

by CCP Redcape
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Hello Pilots, its CCP Redcape,

We got really good feedback from you from the last Battle the Devs event, so I’m excited to say we are bringing back the event in February, bigger and better than ever. We’re looking at doing Battle the Devs II on the 24th of February on the EU server at 6pm GMT. (Note: you can change your region in the launcher before firing up the game)

We’d love even more pilots to take part, stream and get involved on social media and prove your piloting skills against us here at CCP Newcastle! So do let us know if you’ll be joining the action.

Got some scores to settle from last time? Here’s some CCP Devs to target:

  • CCP TShark
  • CCP Bosun
  • CCP Starbug
  • CCP_Illumin
  • CCP_jBot
  • CCP_Sine
  • CCP_Restart

We’ll have more information on this really soon, but for now, mark off the date in your calendars and let us know if you’d be interested in streaming or joining the shenanigans.

CCP Redcape