Bling up your desktop with some shiny new Valkyrie artwork

by CCP Games
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How committed a Valkyrie pilot are you? Are your shelves adorned with EVE: Valkyrie-themed paraphernalia? Or does it go deeper than that? Have you had a poor approximation of Rán tattooed on an embarrassing part of your body?

Well, perhaps not. Not yet, anyway. But if you’re new to New Eden we hope you’ve been blown away by the game’s majestic environments and some of the accompanying artwork – and would like to get yourself a piece of the visual awesomeness.

Wish granted. Head over to our media page and you’ll find a veritable Aladdin’s cave of screenshots, wallpapers and videos for your eyeholes to feast upon. There are action-packed in-game shots of iconic Valkyrie moments like the carrier assault trench run, hi-res artwork of fighters, heavies and support ships, sweeping views of the game’s environments including the spectacular Crossroads map and the explosive taking down of a mighty Schism Wyvern Class Carrier.

Speaking of which, the Wyvern Class Carriers (both Valkyrie and Schism versions) feature in our wallpapers that you can download to give your desktop or mobile a magnificent makeover. Just go to the wallpaper and select the resolution you want to download. We also have wallpapers showing concept art of Valkyrie leader Rán and a cool as all heck Valkyrie logo.

Before we go, you might like to know that there will be some very interesting developments in New Eden over the coming weeks that will no doubt result in even more amazing artwork hitting our media page so be sure to check back regularly.

Oh, and if you DO decide to get that tattoo, be sure to find a reputable artist.

Fly safe!