Carrier Assault: It’s a New World Record!

by CCP Games
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Whoa! Hold on a second. Don’t go calling the Guinness Book of World Records just yet. This is not an ‘official’ record. But, dayum, it’s a hell of an achievement.

Cast your minds back to January this year and you may remember we ran a New Year Challenge in which we asked players to try and complete EVE: Valkyrie’s Carrier Assault mode as quickly as possible.

This followed a video that emerged showing a talented team of pilots achieving the feat in under just three minutes (2’56” in fact). Astonishing! The speed run was captured by ace fighter pilot General Stargazer and you can see the original footage in the video below.

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And yet, there was better to come. Scant weeks later, another team (including regular contributors Anska and Nydwen) shaved more than 15 seconds off the previous attempt, coming in at a staggering 2’40”. See for yourself.

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We thought that might be the end of it. Surely, no-one was going to better that.

A recent forum post by pilot Goatan has squashed that assumption. Has the latest team to attempt the speed run shaved a few tenths off the record? No? A second or two, then? More than that? Wha… ? We’d better take a look at the footage.

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BY GREAT ODIN’S BEARD!!! They’ve done it in what must now be an unassailable 1’49”!

We salute you pilots. We bow before your unquestionable greatness. Your determination and perseverance is beyond admirable.

Warp over to Goatan’s forum post to see what people are making of the lightning quick takedown and, once you’ve done so, get straight back in the cockpit. It’s going to take some pretty intense training to beat it.

But you know what? After seeing this, anything’s possible.

Game on!