Chaotic Wormhole Event Has Opened in the Outer Ring Region: Only the Bravest Need Apply

by CCP Games
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Wormhole event 45B/225-51JP5 has opened up near planet TQ-RRB VII in the Outer Ring region of the galaxy. Beyond the conduit, pilots are reporting a corrupted version of the Forge area that has come to be known as Fire Forge.

Fatal’s Schism forces have amassed on the site with the strategic aim of using it to their advantage to secure that region of space once and for all. We must not let that happen.

While the Fire Forge has been documented before, the adverse conditions in this particular event are somewhat pronounced and extremely hazardous.

Our fleet and munitions have been severely compromised, possibly to a greater extent than we have seen during any wormhole event to date. The stark reality is that our intelligent weapons control systems are no longer functioning and you will, as a result, be vulnerable to friendly fire. Coupled with that, our shields are at zero percent on the other side of the conduit.

Neither us nor the Schism have been able to mobilize any craft other than the heavy Maelstrom and Aegis fighter. Their primary weapons are mortars and flak cannons respectively, and they are powerful, but require precision when attempting to land a hit on the enemy. It’s another reason this area is proving so challenging.

We won’t lie to you pilots, the Deathmatches you will be taking part in during this event will test you to your limits, and beyond.

Good luck out there!