Co-op Versus AI – New and Improved

by CCP Games
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Still getting the hang of life as a Valkyrie? A little worried about going up against the big boys? Fear not! EVE: Valkyrie features a broad range of options when it comes to getting you battle ready.

Of course, for the complete novice there are our Training Modes, which provide players with the basics. Scout Mode offers pilots the chance to explore all the game’s maps, familiarizing themselves with the layout and gathering a little salvage along the way. Then there’s Test Arena, a place where up and coming flyers can practice their combat skills against virtual opponents.

However, those options all focus on an individual’s skillset and not how one goes about operating within a team. That’s where the often-overlooked Co-Op Vs AI Mode comes in.

A Unique Opportunity

Teamplay Unlike the other play modes and training options in EVE: Valkyrie, Co-Op Vs AI gives novice players the chance to hone their skills, learn to work with fellow pilots and cement their early reputations without the glare of attention from opposing, flesh-and-blood Valkyrie.

Sure, there are those bold individuals who will dive straight into the icy wastes of space, not giving a flying fancy what anyone thinks of them. However, becoming a good pilot - and crucially, a good team player - takes time. For some, the ability to do this against AI opponents rather than other, more confident players can be really useful.

Co-Op Vs AI can be accessed via the Combat Hub and once there, you can either match-make a squad with a random bunch of other players, or create your own squad by inviting friends to build confidence.

The artificially intelligent team you will be facing is cleverly and automatically balanced to complement the make-up and skill levels of your own squad.

What is sometimes overlooked by pilots heading straight to the full on mano-a-mano combat mode is that any battles you take part in against AI opponents will reward you with the same XP and currency you would get in a battle against real pilots. So, your progression in the game is in no way hampered if you want to spend a little time playing against AI squads.

Now with Added Oomph!

Gatecrash blog image Are you enjoying all the goodies that the recently launched Groundrush update brought to New Eden? Well, you might be interested to learn that Co-Op mode is one of the game’s features that has been improved. Previously, players were only able to take part in Team Deathmatches against AI opponents, now it’s a different story. Both Control and Carrier Assault modes have been added which means that essentially, you have the same play offering in Co-Op as you get in regular combat. You can sharpen all of your skills on all the maps in all three modes before ever having to trade blows with a human opponent.

Pretty cool, right? Of course, the ultimate rush is taking down an opposing human squad, but it’s good to know there’s another option on the table if you’re not quite ready yet. Check it out and see if it’s for you.

If you're planning to have a bash at Carrier Assault take a look at our video tutorial.

Fly safe!