Corrupted Version of Shipyard Detected: Head to Wormhole 40B/484-54JT6

by CCP Games
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For the past 48 hours, we have been conducting operations in a new wormhole anomaly that has opened up near the planet Saranen in the Lonetrek region of New Eden.

The wormhole – 40B/484-54JT6 – leads to a dark and twisted version of the Shipyard structure. Due to its nature, we have dubbed the area the Nightyard.

Predictably, the Schism are present in the area and we have been engaged in deathmatches against our enemy since the wormhole opened.

We need you to get over there before the unstable event collapses in on itself.

While the oppressive darkness of the Nightyard is something of a challenge, there are certain anomalous aspects that work in our favour. First, it seems any ship entering the area emit bright rainbow trails making them easier to track. In addition, our missile systems have been enhanced considerably.

We have Aegis, Sentry and Siren ships at our disposal for this mission.

Group at Saranen and good luck out there, pilots!