Daily Challenges Explained

by CCP Games
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We totally understand that rush of blood to the head when you’re about to join your squad for another epic EVE: Valkyrie session. Nothing can stop you diving into the cockpit to join your buddies in the battle for New Eden. Nothing. Including the Daily Challenges screen that pops up each time you load the game.

But wait! When you’re not arranging a deep-space dust-up with friends we would urge you to take a little time to explore the Daily Challenges as there are several very good reasons to do so. Let’s take a look.

The Daily Challenges Hub

Daily Challenge Screen Anno

1: Challenge Type This displays the type of challenge you will face. In this instance, it’s a Tourist challenge and the purpose of these is to encourage players to try out the various different game modes in Valkyrie. Other types include Slayer, Drone Swatter, Primary Gunner and Mechanic. We’ll let you discover the rest for yourselves.

2: Class Requirement Here you can see the class requirement icons for the challenge, these being fighter, heavy and support (from left to right). Challenges are set for each class, a hybrid of classes or all the classes. This is dictated by the type of challenge that is assigned. For example, a heavy would never receive the mechanic challenge as there are no healing heavies.

3: Description This is the description of the challenge. It provides players with the details of the challenge’s goal and how it should be completed. For example: Play 7 battles. Pretty self-explanatory, really.

4: Rewards Your reward. This shows the player what treats they will be awarded when they complete the challenge. Players will be offered a combination of XP, silver and salvage. This alone is a compelling reason to play the Daily Challenges.

5: Progress You don’t have to complete a challenge all at once, as this progress tracker shows. Check here to see how close you are to completing your goal. In the example above you can see the player has completed four of his seven battles.

Don’t Delay, Play it Today!

Daily Challenge Node

The clue is in the name. Even after you've had a good battling session with friends, look left at the main menu for the Daily Challenge icon. The challenges refresh each day so don’t forget to complete them before the day is out or they’ll disappear and you will lose out on all that glorious loot. There’s a pool of challenges that pilots can receive, all of which are assigned at random. The only constraints are that you won’t receive a challenge for a class you don’t own. For example, pilots won’t receive heavy challenges until they’ve unlocked their first heavy at rank three.

No Obligation to Fly

Daily Challenge abandon

As you’ve probably noted from the screens, there is an option to abandon a Daily Challenge if you wish. Why would you do such a thing? Well, if you simply don’t like a challenge that’s been allocated to you then you can ditch it and possibly receive a replacement that’s more to your liking. Also, you might be seeking a specific type of award so again, abandoning a current challenge might pave the way to a replacement that offers more suitable pay-offs.

Now Available on Your Dashboard


When not playing, you can check the status of your current challenges via your player dashboard on the EVE: Valkyrie website. This replicates the in-game challenges outside of the game client so that as well as checking out all your other game stats you can see which challenges you’ve been given.

Daily Challenges are a great way to earn extra currency, salvage and XP and they also encourage you to explore elements of the game and playstyles you might not be familiar with.

Have fun hoovering up all that loot, pilots!