Double XP Weekend: 18-21 November 2016

by CCP Games
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Welcome pilots!

Yesterday was a great day as we saw the successful launch of EVE: Valkyrie on Steam and HTC Vive and the influx of a whole new generation of pilots eager to make their mark in New Eden. We now have players on three VR platforms all fiercely battling it out in order to rise through the ranks of the Valkyrie.

As a thank you to those pilots (old and new) for their support, we have decided to run another one of our Double XP Weekends. Clear your schedules, folks, because starting at 9:00am GMT on Friday 18th November (yup, that’s today) and running through to 9:00am GMT on Monday 21st November you will be awarded double experience after each battle you participate in.

There’s more. Did you know that by registering with us and linking your pilot with a CCP account you can not only get a free Ember paint job for your ships but you will also receive a seven day XP boost via an in-game implant? It’s true. If you do that right now you will be able to take advantage of both the XP boost and the Double XP Weekend at the same time.

To find out more about how to register and link your pilot to a CCP account check out our recently published guide.

Have a great weekend, pilots and fly safe!