EVE: Valkyrie – An introduction for HTC Vive gamers

by CCP Games

It’s game on for all you HTC Vive gamers. You are just a hop, a skip and a warp away from experiencing the unique thrill of piloting your own virtual space craft and taking part in epic dogfights. No doubt between now and the launch of EVE: Valkyrie you’ll be wanting to find out everything you can about the game and the great news is that that’s exactly what you can do right here.

What follows is a whirlwind tour of what to expect when EVE: Valkyrie hits Vive and a few suggestions of where to find even more fascinating facts about the best Vive experience you’re about to have.

The Valkyrie pilot’s playbook

CarrierExplo There are various ways to enjoy yourself in EVE: Valkyrie. It is at its core an online multi-player experience, but there’s also a substantial amount of stuff to get excited about when playing solo.

As well as containing a raft of tutorials that become available as you progress through the game and unlock new ship classes, there are also several distinct modes for the solo player. In Scout Mode you can explore each of the game’s maps totally devoid of enemy craft. This gives you the opportunity to pick up some free salvage, locate ‘echoes’ that fill in details of the back story and, most importantly, explore the environment to get to know where the best strategic points, escape routes and hiding places are.

The recently added Test Arena adds enemies to the mix, but they don’t fire back, giving you the chance to try out your weapons and moves without getting totalled every few minutes.

Recall mode presents you with a series of missions based on the memories of dead pilots. These missions provide you with the narrative for the Valkyrie story and put you through a variety of challenges to prepare you for what to expect in the multi-player modes.

Finally, there’s Survival mode in which you are pitted against waves of enemies with the aim of getting a high score and familiarizing yourself with the ship classes and squad combinations.

When it comes to online multi-player battling you have three thrilling options available to you. The first is Team Deathmatch in which two opposing teams have a pool of clones available and each time a member of the team is killed, the clone pool is depleted. If you wipe out the opposing team’s pool, or have more clones remaining when the timer runs out, you win.

Control matches involve deploying drones at each of the map’s three control points in order to deplete the enemy’s clone pool more quickly. It’s a constant game of ebb and flow as you try to capture and re-capture control points.

Carrier Assault is a three-stage mission in which you have to first take out a huge Carrier ship’s shield, then target the ship’s cooling nodes while avoiding its defences and finally fly through a trench to locate and attack its core. Achieve all three and you can retreat and enjoy watching the carrier explode in spectacular fashion.

Want to know more? We go into a bunch more detail about the various ways to play Valkyrie in our handy guide to single and multi-player modes.

The rides of your life

beg guide wraith There’s no shortage of pimped-up pirate hardware to play around with in EVE: Valkyrie. There are three classes of ships offering you a broad range of performance and three distinct and challenging roles to carry out in the combat arena.

The first class of ship you will encounter is the fighter. Broadly speaking, these are well balanced craft with good speed, solid defences and decent agility. The ship you start out with at the beginning of the game comes equipped with Gatling Guns, countermeasures to ward off rocket attacks and head-tracked missiles which you can throw at the enemy simply by holding the secondary fire button and looking at them to get a lock.

The second class you can unlock is the heavy. These are the tanks of the game and while sluggish and slow to turn, they generally have high levels of shield and armor, powerful primary weapons and a Micro Warp Drive than enables you to warp in and out of combat quickly.

Finally, there’s the support class. These are poorly protected and have relatively feeble offensive capabilities, but they are lightning quick, highly manoeuvrable, and thanks to their range of buff beams they can heal other players’ ships when they are in trouble.

Want to know more? As we mentioned, the class you start the game with, and which is most enduringly popular among pilots is the fighter class. Get a better insight into these highly versatile machines ahead of the game’s launch with our video tutorial and expert guide to all the best available fighters.

But What’s it all about?

PSVR Ran Kavik 1434427282 If you’ve been keeping an eye on VR developments in general, and Valkyrie in particular, you will have heard phrases and words like ‘New Eden’, ‘Rán’ and ‘Fatal’ bandied around.

Let’s start with New Eden. The story begins over a decade ago when we launched the massively multi-player online role-playing game EVE Online in which tens of thousands of players around the globe vie for power, taking on the roles of traders, pirates miners and empire builders in order to make their mark in the universe.

The premise of the game is that Earth has been rendered all but uninhabitable by the activities of mankind and various human factions have spread across the Milky Way competing for resources and trying to develop new civilizations. When a wormhole opens up leading to a second galaxy – New Eden – in another part of the universe, the various competing factions work together to stabilize the gateway and establish a programme of intergalactic colonization. Unfortunately, the wormhole suffers a catastrophic collapse and many of Earth’s former colonies are trapped in the new galaxy, and a second struggle for survival and domination begins.

EVE: Valkyrie takes place in New Eden and features an antagonist named Fatal – a former naval captain turned pirate – whose plan it is to create a force of cloned pilots, their consciousness harvested from the minds of fallen combatants, in order to further his plans for galactic domination.

One of Fatal’s pilots, Rán, discovers that he is not the benefactor she thought he was and breaks away to form her own band of Valkyrie. That is where you, our prospective Vive Pilots come in, working under Rán’s leadership to forge your own fiercely independent path through New Eden.

Want to know more? Check out our brief history of the EVE Universe to get right up to speed with all the events leading up to your entry to New Eden.

So that’s the basics covered for all you prospective Vive pilots. But before you leave, don’t forget this is your hub for all things Valkyrie so make sure you check in regularly as we post news, articles, announcements and pilot tutorials each and every day of the week.

We’ll see you in New Eden real soon!