EVE: Valkyrie – Showing on a Screen (Very) Near You

by CCP Games
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Have you been to the movies recently? Nah, of course not. Why spend time in La La Land when you can hang out in New Eden.

However, in between actually playing the game and shedding blood, sweat and tears (well... maybe not the blood, thinking about it) to rip your way up the rankings, might we advise that you sit back and relax into a little session of passive video-watching action.

Click on the ‘videos’ tab at the top of the website and you’ll be transported to a treasure trove of visual treats offering not only some smashing game footage, but invaluable tips and tricks too.

In this section of the official EVE: Valkyrie website, you’ll find a back-catalogue of trailers from our various update launches, behind the scenes footage including voice recording from the amazing Katee Sackhoff (she plays Rán Kavik in the game), plus a whole series of video tutorials that will help you get to know the game and improve your combat skills.

Head over to the videos page right now to check out what’s on offer.

To get you started (particularly if you’re a rookie), head straight to the tutorial below that helps you get match fit for your life as a Valkyrie pilot.

Fly, my pretties, FLY!

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