EVE: Valkyrie in Ink – Tat’s Entertainment!

by CCP Games

We’re already aware that our EVE: Valkyrie pilots are a passionate group but some of them have gone the extra mile and put themselves through the ordeal of having needles stuck in their skin to celebrate their love of the Valkyrie.

Take a look at the amazing ink-tastic work on display from the ragtag bunch of New Eden outlaws featured below.

These are just the ones we know about. We’re pretty sure there are more of you out there sporting awesome Valkyrie-themed tats. If that’s the case, tweet us a picture of your spectacular skin art using #evevalkyrie.

If you’re planning to get a tattoo any time soon maybe you could get us a shot of you actually under the needle screaming in agony while it’s being applied. It's just a thought. However, please think hard before taking the leap. A tattoo is for life, not just for fleeting moments of fame on evevalkyrie.com.

Keep on keeping it real, pilots.

Keith ‘Virrgo’ Goken

We like Mr Goken's tattoo, particularly because of the camo-style texture on the logo and the lurid blood smears sitting behind it.

GM Stinger

Now THAT is a statement of intent. This angry, fierce piece of work has been designed to look like it’s been literally carved into the host’s flesh using a hot knife. The result is a glorious mass of burns and sinewy tissue. Class!

CCP LeeLoo

As our very own CCP LeeLoo herself says, she was inspired by Katee Sackhoff to get herself tatted. Another great-looking plain black logo. She also seems to have wrapped herself in clingfilm. We’re not sure if this is a common tattoo thing or if she’s just trying to keep her upper arm fresh for longer.

Take a look at some of the other stuff our creative community members have been up to with their Valkyrie-themed bakes and holiday 'makes'.