Full Steam Ahead

by CCP Games
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We have some great news for our PC-based EVE Valkyrie pilots. The game now supports Valve’s Steam controller, so if that’s your gaming hardware of choice, you can now use it to explore New Eden without having to swap out different controllers.      You can see the key bindings for the Steam Controller in the main screen above and find out about all compatible controller bindings in our helpdesk article.

Even if you don't have the controller, there's still a good reason to play VR through Steam. You've doubtless heard the old phrase, ‘there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place’.

If you’re a PlayStation VR gamer, the place is probably in the lounge and on your console’s hard drive.

It’s a little more complicated for PC gamers. Are you Vive or Rift and what’s your specific hardware setup? That is, perhaps, another conversation for another day. What we’re concentrating on here is getting all your PC-based Valkyrie ducks in a row.

A lot of PC gamers like to use Valve’s renowned digital distribution platform, Steam, in order to play and manage their library of games.

Fortunately, rather than having to swap back and forth between the Oculus and Viveport stores and the Steam client, it’s possible to play your VR titles directly through Steam. All you have to do is go to Library > Tools and install the Steam VR software from the list.

Voila! Steam VR is now your central hub for all things immersive.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go full Steam ahead!

Fly safe!