ICYMI: Exclusive Sanguine Paint Job Still Up for Grabs

by CCP Games
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Sanguine. An unusual yet pleasing word that has different meanings depending on how you use it. As an adjective it describes a positive attitude particularly in the face of a difficult situation which, we think you’ll agree, is pretty much how us Valkyrie pilots approach our battles.

However, it also describes a blood-red colour and it’s this definition that’s most appropriate on this occasion. In case you’ve only just joined the ranks of the Valkyrie and missed our previous announcement, we are currently giving away an exclusive Sanguine Paint Job to anyone who plays the game from now up until 3rd January.

That’s right, all you have to do is play the game. The Paint Job will be awarded to pilots at 9:00 GMT each day up until the 3rd so you can decorate your ship in these vivid hues to impress your fellow pilots over the holiday period.

And while we’re addressing all our new pilots, you might also want to know that if you link your pilot to a CCP account you can claim a seven-day XP boost via an in-game implant. You can find out all about that offer in our pilot-linking guide.

Have fun out there, people!