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by CCP Games
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Needless to say, Wormholes mode is a fascinating addition to New Eden, no? That said, the future of EVE: Valkyrie may be more fundamentally rocked by the introduction of the League system. Have you checked out the Leagues yet? What are they? Where have you been ranked?

Admittedly it’s an intriguing new world we are entering and something of an unknown quantity given Leagues are in alpha stage at the moment. In light of this we want to answer a few of your questions on Leagues, how they work and what the future holds for competitive Valkyrie combat. We approached Lead Game Designer CCP Roo to shed some light on the issue.

How are the rankings worked out?

A player’s League position is partly based on the score pilots earn from PvP matches. As part of this calculation, we take into account how much AI is involved in a match. So if you’re battling AI opponents you will, understandably, get less of a payoff than if you are fighting real world opponents. Fair enough, we think you’ll agree. Also, logically, you will earn more score for a victory than a defeat.

We won’t be publishing the exact calculations we make to generate a player’s League Score, allow us to explain why. This is common practice for the many games that feature competitive play evaluation. It may seem like a lack of transparency but there’s no mystery behind it. Quite simply, if we make such data public, it could be unfairly exploited by players to gain an advantage. Rest assured we constantly look at the gaming data to make sure players are treated fairly and are placed in the leagues that correspond to their skill level.

In keeping with that, the League Score awarded at the end of every PVP match is based primarily on the score a player receives for their individual performance in that match, although we do take into consideration the balance of players and AI within that match on both teams. Digging down a little deeper, we also look at the time the player spent in the match and the match result.

Where do I go to view Leagues?

The Valkyrie League appears after each match (unless you opt out of it) as part of the post-match rewards flow. It can be viewed at any time from the main Multiplayer Menu and also via a quick link located within your Pilot Menu.

If I go up a league, will I be notified?

Yes, of course. Whenever you get promoted or demoted within a league, you will be notified. The notifications will appear when you open the Valkyrie League menu.

Will I still be able to play with my mates if we're in different leagues?

This is a concern that has been carefully considered. It would have been a major misstep to separate our players. It’s always been our strategy to encourage open multiplayer interaction. The Leagues are simply a way to gauge your performance, but outside of that you are free to carry on match-making, creating a Squad or playing with Friends.

Can we see everyone in the same league as us?

Yup! You can view your position within a Valkyrie League and compare it with the entire Valkyrie community. You can filter between all four leagues to view the full list of pilots. Filter by pilots on the same platform as you, and filter by friends only. Your position is displayed at the top of the screen so you always have a reference point for your progress.

I just play for fun. Can I opt out of Leagues?

No problem. When the Valkyrie League menu appears (or if you visit the menu directly) there is an option to opt out of any League-based information. If you opt out, the Valkyrie League menu will not appear at the end of the match. You can opt in, and out, as many times as you like.

I’ve heard a bit about Seasons. How is that working and do I get a prize?

The Valkyrie League is still a feature in development. It’s an alpha release. When we are happy that this trial period has been successful, we will announce our first true Valkyrie Season. We will also share more information about the rewards structure at that time. Get stuck in, play the game, watch your progress up the rankings and we’ll keep you posted.

Why have Leagues been introduced? What do they bring to the table?

EVE: Valkyrie is a game that can be enjoyed on many levels. Some of our players like to dip in and out, but others take a more competitive approach and the new Leagues system offers them a more meaningful way in which to measure their skills against one another. While leaderboards are often a great place to look at kill/death ratios, they can become less important over time as cumulative data becomes more relevant than current skill levels. The Valkyrie League aims to re-set the counters in terms of measuring pilot skill. Leagues, and then Seasons, will paint a much more accurate picture of who our top guns really are in 2017.

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Fly safe!