Meet The Quartermaster – He's At Your Service

by CCP Games
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Have you been over to see the Quartermaster yet? There’s so much cool stuff to pick up over at his place. If you’ve just joined the Valkyrie, here’s what the game’s jovial and enigmatic shopkeeper can offer you.

A New Set of Threads

Pilot custom 3 Everyone likes to be appropriately suited and booted when going to work, and a Valkyrie pilot is no different. Let’s be honest, which of us hasn’t spent the moments before launch looking down at our own bodies and admiring those shiny flight suits?

The Quartermaster provides an awesome Customize Pilot option. Here, you can choose from a wealth of options with cool names like ‘Assault’ and ‘Stealth’, changing the colors of your suit to your liking. On acquiring an outfit, you can gaze upon the snazzy glory of your new attire like a true narcissist.

Brain Booster

The Quartermaster’s shelves are also stocked with Implants. You’ll find them in the ‘brain’ aisle just past the magazine section. These clever things, when activated, give you a 50% XP boost every time you complete a battle.

You can get your hands on implants that last a day, a week, 30 days, 90 days, or a whopping 180 days.

Did you know, you can also get a bonus seven-day XP boost (and other benefits) simply by linking your pilot to a CCP Account? Find out how to sign up and link your account in our helpful article.

One of a Kind

S4 You can access your Legendary Ships via the Quartermaster (as well as the hangar). Legendary ships are special ships that are maxed out right from the start of the game and don’t need to be unlocked. You get one right out of the box and each VR platform has its own exclusive ship. Oculus players get the Squadron 33 Wraith, PSVR fans get the S4 Wraith and VIVE flyers can enjoy the MkV Wraith.

Because these ships’ stats are maxed out, right out of the box, there are some restrictions on their use. For example, even though any XP gained during combat contributes to your player rank, it does not automatically boost the progression trees of your other base craft.

Excess XP? No Problem

Let’s say you’ve been specializing in flying fighters, and you have reached maximum XP in that class. Any further XP you get will be wasted and just disappear, right? Wrong!

The Quartermaster offers a service whereby you can transfer this excess XP to your other ship classes, enabling you to continue using your fighters for the most part while also progressing through the other class trees. So nothing goes to waste. This is also true of the Legendary ships. Once their XP is maxed, any additional XP can be transferred.

Fancy Fleets

NewShip skin2 While you’ll mostly want your combat skillz to do the talking, it doesn’t hurt to bling up your ships a bit and make a statement out there in New Eden. There are three ways you can do this in the Customize Fleet section.

Literally dozens of paint jobs are available for you to dramatically change the look of your craft. There’s military-style camouflage, scorching amber and scarlet flames, verdant greens and vibrant purples… the range is huge.

You can then add to this your choice of badass decals. There’s something here to reflect any pilot’s personality. including skulls, toxic symbols, fangs, defiant fists and smiley faces.

The inside of your ship can look just as good as the outside with a range of customized cockpit interiors. Do you fancy a dark and moody low light effect, a shiny hi-tech affair, or something a little more utilitarian? It’s not just a change of color scheme, either. The interior panels change so the difference can be quite dramatic.

Tempting, no? If you fancy standing out from the crowd in New Eden, get right over to the Quartermaster and see what he's got in stock.

Fly safe and stylish, pilots!