New Year, New Gear

by CCP Games
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It’s always nice to start a new year with good intentions and a snappy new outfit. Both in the real world and in EVE: Valkyrie nothing sets you on the right path like being freshly suited and booted. Maybe now is the time to take advantage of Valkyrie’s new pilot customization options.

Introduced with the recent Gatecrash update, the pilot customization option enables you to spend your accumulated wealth on a cornucopia of cool flight suits and helmets.

From the main menu screen, look down and to your left to access the pilot screen and from there you will see an option to customize your outfit. Including your default suit there are a staggering 22 themed suits and helmets that you can add to your wardrobe. While some are variations on the basic theme others are a little more out there with suits and helmets featuring environmental modifications such as the Respirator (pictured below) and others that have been more radically altered purely for aesthetic reasons. A particular favourite of ours is the Boarding theme that features a full-face helmet moulded to look like a skull.

To find out more about Valkyrie’s fashion revolution check out our interview with Alan Dickinson (aka CCP Mohawk).

Have a play around and we’ll see you looking sharp out in New Eden real soon.

Fly safe!

Pilot custom 3