Pilot Training Modules – New and Improved

by CCP Games
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Have you come across the concept of entropy? In crude terms, it’s the tendency of a system to move from order to chaos. Think of an abandoned building gradually falling apart. We don’t like entropy. Particularly when it comes to providing our beloved Valkyrie pilots with all the tools they need to succeed in the challenging environments of New Eden. We like to keep things shipshape and Bristol fashion (that’s a real phrase, look it up).

Our dislike of disorder is the reason we’ve been hard at work updating our comprehensive ship guides with all the latest data and information, so that new pilots can get an insight into the hardware they’ll be unlocking over the course of their Valkyrie adventure.

Over time, the roster of ships from all three classes have been improved, tweaked and rebalanced, so we’ve given our guides a fresh lick of paint to reflect these changes. If you haven’t previously done so, head over to the Pilot Training area of the website to discover all there is to know about fighters, heavies and support craft.

You’re very welcome.

Fly safe!