Scout Mode – All the Echoes Revealed!

by CCP Games
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Last week it was all about the salvage, today we reveal where you can find all the Echoes in Scout Mode. For the uninitiated, Scout Mode is a training simulation where you can explore all the maps with no enemy interference. Throughout the map, Echoes are scattered, these being brief snatches of dialogue from the game’s main characters (Rán, Fatal, the Quartermaster and so on). By listening to the Echoes, you can find out about the events leading up to your arrival in New Eden.


Head for the central Cathedral structure. At the very top of the structure you’ll find an Echo above one of the masts.

Echoes Cathedral 01

Scoot down to the bottom of the main structure with its claw-like appendages and locate this nearby piece of wreckage. The next Echo is marked.

Echoes Cathedral 02

Find the long narrow ship pictured. There’s a scattering of debris beneath it. You’ll find another Echo located here.

Echoes Cathedral 03

There’s a vast ship near the central Cathedral structure. You can see it pictured here. A small portion of it has broken off. That’s where you’ll find the final Echo.

Echoes Cathedral 04


As soon as you launch, you can see a tower structure pointing upwards from the shipyard. Head straight to it and you’ll find an Echo halfway up.

Echoes Shipyard 01

Fly over to the Schism carrier, turn back toward the shipyard, then aim for the lower-right portion of the map. The next Echo is nestled in between the girders here.

Echoes Shipyard 02

Skirt the lower section of the map until you find this large hangar bay. The next Echo is in there.

Echoes Shipyard 03

Make your way to hangar bay B2, then locate the nearby SY 82. The final Echo is inside the bay.

Echoes Shipyard 04


Head into all the debris, where midway between the Schism and Valkyrie carriers you will find this little man-made object. The first Echo is just off to the side.

Echoes Forge 01

Scoot over to the Valkyrie carrier, then turn around and face the main mining facility. Head through the cave and to your left you’ll find the next Echo.

Echoes Forge 02

This one is a bit tricky. Get some distance, then face the main mining structure (pictured). The next Echo is tucked away between the rocks beneath.

Echoes Forge 03

Approach this major structure so you can see the large cave entrance to the right. Head into the cave to find the final Echo.

Echoes Forge 04


This first one is easy. Fly straight over to the main structure, specifically the large platform area near the top, and you’ll find the first Echo there.

Echoes Crossroads 01

There’s a gigantic hunk of rock in the center of the asteroid field. There’s a cave network inside it. Fly in there for the next Echo.

Echoes Crossroads 02

You’ll have to find this one by sight. Look at the picture here. This small ship with the nose broken off is where you’ll find the next Echo.

Echoes Crossroads 03

Another tricky one. From the main structure, fly towards the Valkyrie carrier and you’ll discover the final Echo beside a small asteroid nearby.

Echoes Crossroads 04


Look at this enormous ship! It’s pretty easy to identify, so just have a scout around and you’ll find an Echo centrally above the hull.

Echoes Necropolis 01

This one is a bit hard to describe as it’s located near a tiny piece of wreckage. Get yourself into a position where this vast ship (it looks a bit like a lobster claw at the front) sits to your left. Scan across and you’ll see the small object circled. That’s where the Echo sits.

Echoes Necropolis 02

Another huge ship. Head for the pointed end and you’ll find a hangar bay entrance. Fly inside to get the next Echo.

Echoes Necropolis 03

Finally, scout around until you locate this fairly nondescript piece of wreckage and you have the final Echo.

Echoes Necropolis 04


As soon as you exit the carrier, head down to the bottom of the warp gate (the end with all the yellow scaffolding) and the first Echo is right there outside the entrance.

Echoes Gateway 01

Fly into the entrance of the warp gate and just before you actually hit the blue glowing warp point, exit the central chamber to find this cylindrical tube of yellow scaffolding. The Echo is in there.

Echoes Gateway 02

Fly along the central chamber of the warp gate to the more finished end (the shell is clad in grey panels here). When you emerge at the top, fly around the back of the structure obstructing the exit to find the next Echo.

Echoes Gateway 03

Spin around and locate the construction facility pictured below. The Echo is just sitting there on top of it.

Echoes Gateway 04


To the right of the Solitude base, there is a large pillar of rock with panels on it. There’s an Echo floating around by the side of it.

Echoes Solitude 01

When you first head out of the carrier, there is a large radio mast pretty much straight ahead. Fly over to it and you’ll find an Echo right near the top.

Echoes Solitude 02

Fly into the trench on the left side of the Solitude base. Travel along it until you reach the point pictured here. There’s an Echo to your left, hidden behind a rock.

Echoes Solitude 03

Dive down into the underground tunnel network and you’ll find another Echo located in the central chamber.

Echoes Solitude 04

Back outside, position yourself so you are facing the Solitude base. There is a gap between the two large buildings and you’ll find the final Echo in there.

Echoes Solitude 05

Boom! You did it! You have now gotten a step closer to 100% completion and learned a heck of a lot about the Valkyrie, Fatal, the Quartermaster and New Eden in general.

Fly safe!