Sharing the EVE: Valkyrie love, PSVR-style

by CCP Games
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Following our shout out to PlayStation VR EVE: Valkyrie players after the game's October 13 launch, we’re pleased to see there’s no shortage of space-based love for the game going on in the Twittersphere. It seems like PSVR players have taken to Valkyrie like ducks to water or, more accurately, clones to a vacuum. Here are a few of our favorite recent tweets.


Cami, evidently a big fan of all things PlayStation and PSVR, posted up this rather lovely pic of death and destruction.

Bryan Gruver

This dude is a prolific gamer and Twitch broadcaster of Valkyrie footage. He’s also very proud of this particular achievement. More than half a legend we reckon.


For the non-French speakers among you, Suji says “Not bad for the first time in multi!” We’re inclined to agree.


Yeah, forget all that intense dogfighting action, ImWithHer just likes hanging with the Quartermaster… each to his own.

Thanks for the kind words people. Keep tweeting your Valkyrie experiences to #EVEValkyrie and we’ll revisit them from time to time and pick out the highlights.

Fly together, die together!