Team Talk: New comms tech hits Valkyrie

by CCP Games
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Sometimes, when in the midst of a fraught battle, a hastily spewed string of grunts, expletives and stifled screams is simply not enough to get your important tactical message across. No, what you need is a system by which you and your teammates can communicate your intentions with speed and clarity and with the release of EVE: Valkyrie’s Joint Strike update you’ll be getting just that in the form of all-new feature Com Alerts.

Com Alerts are short sharp messages you can send between teammates in an instant to let them know of your intentions, where you need them to be or simply to say thanks for an assist. It couldn’t be easier to issue an alert. Simply push down on the D-pad, which brings up the alerts wheel, then select your message with the right thumb stick and release the D-pad to send. Your fellow pilots will get the alert as an audio message and as text messages that appear in a feed on the right of your cockpit. The Joint Strike update will be available from October 7. For more information on Com Alerts and all the other new features in the Joint Strike update, take a look at our full report.