The Great EVE: Valkyrie Challenge #2

by CCP Games
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We had such a great response to our New Year Challenge that we thought, what the heck, we’ll run one every month. This month we have some corkers for you. The challenges can be pretty tough but no matter what your level of expertise, we still want to see how well you did in the attempt.

As before, we have three challenges for you. You can attempt any or all of them and we want you to share screens and vids of your attempts over on our forums and via twitter using #evevalkyrie.

OK, enough waffle, it’s time to test your mettle.

Challenge #1 – Perform a WOST

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you will remember a recent article in which we showcased a spectacular combat move executed by ace pilot Nydwen. Using the Maelstrom, he initiated his microwarpdrive, launching himself at a distant enemy. He dropped out of warp just a few feet from his foe, triggered his EMS and let fly with the mortar weapon, gaining a one-shot kill. We dubbed it the Warp One Shot Takedown and we want you to replicate it. Capturing the proof can be a tricky affair, so if you can’t provide proof of the whole thing, just get us a shot of part of the attack and we’ll take it on good faith that you’re being honest with us.     

Challenge #2 – Test Arena Takedown

Ah yes, the wonderful Test Arena, a place where you can take out AI-controlled enemy ships safe in the knowledge that they won’t be fighting back. Chaos with impunity. Love it. Your task here is to take out as many enemy ships as you can within one minute. Your time starts the moment you emerge from the launch tube. Choose any ship you like, just get out there and raise hell.

Challenge #3 – Gateway Deadly Dash

We love the Gateway map in all its warpy glory, so this is the location for our third challenge and it takes place in Survival Mode. When you first emerge into space, head up to the top end of the structure. We want you to travel all the way through the middle of the structure, fully emerge from the other end, then re-enter it and travel all the way back. Once you have left the structure again, you have to get yourself killed. So, the sequence is: launch, travel down the gate, back up the gate and get yourself killed. You have to do this as quickly as possible.

Your target time is three minutes, which is extremely generous, but we want to see you all playing off against one another and shaving vital seconds off your times over the coming month.

You can choose any ship you want. Obviously, the heavies have the MWD for extra speed, but then they’re harder to kill, so it’ll be interesting to see which ships are best suited to the task.

That’s it pilots. You have your orders, now jump to it.