The Valkyrie and the Schism – What’s Their Beef?

by CCP Games
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Have you just joined the ranks of the Valkyrie? Have you ignored all advice to the contrary and jumped straight into multiplayer battling? Just as we thought. Having done so, you probably only have a passing familiarity with Rán Kavik, leader of the Valkyrie, and Fatal, her nemesis and leader of the Schism. So let’s remedy that right here, right now, and take a look at these complex characters’ fascinating stories and how their opposing factions came to clash.

A Pirate’s Life

Knowyourfoe 1920x1080 We begin the story with Jirai Laitanen, a gifted naval captain of the Caldari State, a proud civilization of patriots and capitalists who are, unfortunately, constantly at loggerheads with the Gallente Federation. Unfortunately, Laitanen was a greedy and narcissistic man who, having been passed over for promotion, teamed up with fellow captain, Korako Koskami. They deserted the navy, stealing ships and fleeing to a lawless sector of space to set up their own pirate faction known as the Guristas.   After achieving great success and notoriety as head of the Guristas, Laitanen – now going by the name of Fatal – was killed. Although he was revived through cloning technology, he was eventually thrown out of the Guristas and never heard from again… or so everyone thought.

Rán’s Story

PSVR Ran Kavik 1434427282 Rán’s is a complex and somewhat tragic tale. As a child growing up in the civilized, liberal and progressive-thinking Gallente Federation, she faced a promising and happy future… an entire galaxy of opportunities laid out before her.

An accomplished athlete and player of combat simulators, Rán’s life was happy and fulfilling, until fate dealt her an unfortunate hand. Political upheavals and the disgrace of her family name left Rán without a purpose, so she left home. Deciding not to be defeated, she changed her identity and enrolled in the Gallente Navy - not so much out of patriotism, but more through a desire to determine her own path.

A talent for leadership such as hers should have shone long and bright, but it was not to be. A brutal battle resulted in her death… a death, however, that was to be short-lived.

Fatal Attraction

In an intriguing twist, Rán found herself rescued. Resurrected, in fact. And her new cloned body was better than the form destroyed in what she thought was her final battle. Her savior? None other than Fatal, who far from being gone and long forgotten, had been building a technologically advanced army of clone pilots, the Schism.

Fatal, then, was not only Rán’s rescuer, but her redeemer and mentor. She devoted her talents to Fatal’s cause. She had, for the time being, found a new home and a new purpose.

A Betrayal Discovered

Things were not quite as they seemed. Though Fatal’s intentions appeared to be honorable, it became clear that his plan, and the means by which he was to achieve his aims, were anything but.

Rán finds out, to her horror, that far from being rescued by Fatal, she had in fact been targeted and murdered with the sole intention of cloning her, so that her talents as a pilot could be used to further the ambitions of the Schism.

As a result, she breaks away from Fatal’s organization and creates her own opposing force of fighters, the Valkyrie. They are a fiercely independent group, determined to make their own mark on the galaxy, and to ultimately seek revenge against Fatal’s Schism.

Where Next?

If all this were a movie, you would now be fully up to speed on the first act. What happens in the second act? You happen. This is it… you’re playing the second act. Everything you do in EVE: Valkyrie is adding to the legacy of Rán and Fatal’s fateful coming together.

If you hold your nerve and become the best pilot you can be, there will be no third act. Simply a continuation of the epic and eternal struggle between the Valkyrie and the Schism.

Sounds good, right?

Find Out More

BOOKS VALKYRIE COMIC If this twisted tale of glory, tragedy, betrayal and revenge has piqued your interest, make sure you take the time to play through Valkyrie’s Recall and Scout missions to pick up Echoes and learn more about the events following those described here.

Should you want an even more detailed retelling of the EVE: Valkyrie story, you can pick up the four volume comic book series from publishers Dark Horse comics or Amazon Kindle.

Fly safe! The Valkyrie’s history, and future, is in your hands.