Warp Anomaly Detected in Wormhole 63B/715-50KF5

by CCP Games
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We are urgently requesting that any available pilots make their way to the Bleak Lands where a wormhole has opened up.

The instability of the wormhole event indicates that there are fewer than 24 hours to travel through it before it collapses, but reports from pilots who have already returned suggest it is crucial we continue to investigate the situation.

There are two things you need to be aware of when travelling through the conduit to your destination. First, the alternate version of the Cathedral area you will encounter is a hazardous place and, uniquely, it appears that a number of warp gates exist in the corrupted space.

Secondly, the area is rich in salvage, with any enemy craft defeated offering up unusually high levels of bounty, so it is of the utmost importance that we exploit this resource while we can.

Jump to it, pilots. Be sure to use those warp gates to your advantage and bring back the spoils. Due to the unusual nature of the wormhole, we are only able to supply Spur and Gorgon craft for this mission.

Fly fast and safe!