What Do You Call Yours?

by CCP Games
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In the real world people like to give their cars nicknames like The Tank, Little Miss Deathtrap and in more famous instances Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie. Some look down on the practice, dismissing it as mawkish sentimentality, but we’re all for it. Especially when it comes to the naming of our very own Valkyrie ships.

Valkyrie pilot Badog BR is so keen on the idea that he called his own ship "DareDevil", then created a forum thread so other pilots could share their ship nicknames, and there are some corkers in there.

Some flyers, like Gigai, prefer to go for a very regimented system of serial numbers like "Jackal 0036-C",  leading us to suspect that all his games and DVDs are arranged alphabetically on his shelves.

Wan5 starts out by naming his ship "Eleanor" before resorting to a stream of expletives when in the thick of battle.

Then there’s glhadiator, who likes to call his ships "Baby" whispering sweet nothings like “Whoa Baby, you look good” to it. And why not? Each to his own.

Check out the thread for yourselves and be sure to let us know what you like to call your ship. Maybe even put a little celebrity spin on it: Wraith Fiennes, Rhino Neal, Siren McKellen (you know, like Sir Ian McKellen). Oh dear. Perhaps on that note we should hand over to you to come up with something infinitely better.

Fly safe, pilots!

No wait! Cheese fans could call their Gorgon "Zola"! YES! Nailed it!