Wormhole 05A/475-52JW5 is Open - Proceed with Caution: Conditions Hazardous

by CCP Games
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Calling all pilots. You are directed to travel immediately to planet TQ-RRB VII in the Outer Ring region to investigate and report on the latest wormhole anomaly.

It’s not the first time a wormhole has opened up in the Forge area but conditions this time around are decidedly more dangerous.

The area beyond the conduit is a corrupted version of the Forge, which we are calling IceForge.

The Schism are already present and engaging in ferocious Deathmatches with our pilots, so your assistance is crucial. You have the Wraith and Rhino at your disposal - be aware one of the effects of this wormhole is that any ship’s capacitor is greatly enhanced.

Be warned, however. For some reason, our weapons tracking systems are down so it is possible to be damaged, or even killed, by a teammate’s friendly fire.

The wormhole is fairly stable at this stage, so be sure to find out as much as you can within the next 72 hours.

It’s vital we receive detailed intel on this particular anomaly, so we’ve set up a central reporting system, or forum, where you can share your experiences. In order to do so, simply log in here.

Fly safe pilots, and deploy your weapons carefully.