Wormhole 31A/643-5OLH5 Has Opened Up in the Bleak Lands. Secure Control of the Region Immediately.

by CCP Games
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We have a critical situation developing in the region known as the Bleak Lands, in close proximity to planet Kamela VIII.

Bleak Lands is a small but strategically important part of the Amarr Empire. As such, we must defend it at all costs.

Schism forces are already looking to secure the region, so we need our best pilots to amass at the Cathedral area immediately.

Wormhole 31A/643-50LH5 has opened up and presents our forces with a grotesquely distorted version of the Cathedral area.

Unusually, the nature of the environment means that securing the area requires taking control of a single point, resulting in some ferociously hard-fought battles. We have been receiving reports of some truly brutal, compact dogfights occurring around the hotly contested control point.

Adding to the difficulty of the mission is the presence of a large number of deadly mines.

The only craft operational on the other side of the conduit are Revenant and Siren support ships and the Assuage fighter. Bear in mind that the Assuage’s Auto Cannons have limited ammo and are slow to reload, so accuracy is key if you’re to achieve success in this craft.

Similarly, while the support ships are balanced in favor of offence, their Gatling guns and Phasers require pinpoint accuracy and will be at their most effective in the hands of a skilled pilot.

Good luck out there, pilots!