Wormholes: The Musical?

by CCP Games
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You gotta love our community for EVE: Valkyrie. Always coming up with new and ever more creative ways to celebrate their love of the game. In the past, we’ve seen Valkyrie-inspired food, fan art, dog tags, customized controllers and more.

This time, the events in New Eden, and more specifically Wormholes, have inspired one talented pilot, SalsaKetchup, to playfully adapt the lyrics of a well-known musical number with some Valkyrie stylings. The track is Time Warp, from the musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and these are the first few verses and choruses from his first draft:

It's astounding

Time is fleeting

Rolling takes its toll

But listen closely.

(Not for very much longer)

I've got to keep control

I remember flying the Warp Gate

Drinking those moments when

The Mortar would hit me

And the void would be calling

Let's fly the Wormhole again

Let's fly the Wormhole again

It's just a iceteroid to the left

And then flack to the right

With your hands on your fire

You’ll be Wrathing them right

But it's the missile shot

That really finished them off

Let's fly the Wormhole again

Let's fly the Wormhole again

It seems that in setting up this thread, SalsaKetchup has tapped a creative vein in the Valkyrie community and there’s been an outpouring of lyrical virtuosity as a result.

Our own CCP Redcap has thrown her hat (cap?) into the ring with a wormhole-flavored version of ‘A Whole New World’, from Disney’s Aladdin.

We want to see which musical numbers you can put a wormhole-style spin on. We’re thinking maybe ‘Clone-sider Yourself’ from Oliver, ‘Over the Rainbow Trails’ from The Wizard of Oz, or ‘The Music of the Nightyard' from Phantom of the Opera.

It doesn’t have to be exclusively big screen and stage musicals. We’ve already seen ‘We are the Valkyrie’ to the tune of Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’. Not to mention the brilliantly titled ‘Sweet Cloud o’ Mines’, a riff on Gun N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’.

Check out all of these, and more, over at SalsaKetchup’s thread and be sure to post your own efforts. This is proving to be one of the most chucklesome ideas ever to come out of the community.    Right, we’re going to sign off. We feel a hearty rendition of “Super-cannon-flak-ballistic-XP-weekly-wormholes” coming on. No? Oh, please yourselves.

Fly safe and keep singing.