Wormholes Week One – Sweets, Tweets and Community Creativity

by CCP Games
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How did you enjoy the opening of the very first EVE: Valkyrie wormhole? Judging by the amount of people charging through the conduit over the course of the wormhole’s existence, we’d say it’s been pretty well received.

Wormholes, as many of you will already know, are a new phenomenon in EVE: Valkyrie. Every weekend a new wormhole opens up in space and players can travel through it to an alternate version of New Eden where the normal rules no longer apply. On the other side of a wormhole, players will discover versions of Valkyrie’s regular maps that have been corrupted and twisted in weird, wonderful and sometimes worrying ways. In addition, the gases inside the wormhole have adverse effects on your ship’s capabilities and your weapons.

This first wormhole’s play mode involved the collection of salvage during a frantic Team Deathmach on a bizarre version of the Cathedral Map. We have been extremely cheered by the community response to the new feature.

Community Spirit 1 – Dental Health Nil

We’ve never hidden the fact that we think the EVE: Valkyrie gaming community is second to none in their enthusiasm and generosity, and this remains the case. As a celebration of the new Wormholes update, our pilots were kind enough to send us a whole bunch of candy-coated treats. We are particularly delighted by the sherbet-filled flying saucers which we didn’t even know still existed. We apologize if our posts are a little erratic over the coming days as we suffer the highs and lows of repeated sugar rushes.

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A Symbiotic Experience

Skilled support pilot Anska thoroughly enjoyed her time on the other side of the conduit and felt moved to share her feelings on the subject in the tweet below. There was an abundance of salvage available over the weekend and judging from her choice of image, we’re guessing she took great delight in rushing around sucking up all the loot that her teammates had liberated.

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A Tasty Video Treat

PSVR player and creator of excellent vidz, SalsaKetchup, wasted no time in bringing us a comprehensive guide to the new Wormholes mode. In it he talks enthusiastically about the new wormhole, ship loadouts, salvage and the new league rankings. It’s well worth checking out. Thanks for that Mr Ketchup.

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Get Creative, Tell us What You Want

Our very own CCP TerrorShark has set up this forum thread, introducing Wormholes to the community and offering you the chance to submit your own ideas for future wormhole content.  Already we’ve had some brilliantly creative suggestions, including changing gravity fields, rewards, a mode in which one infected pilot attempts to pass on his infection to the others and, bizarrely, an alternate reality where the asteroids are replaced by the floating heads of dead pilots.    It's an extremely good read, so head over to the forum thread now and give us your thoughts on what you’d like to see… however outlandish. 

  Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm and be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be revealing more about upcoming wormholes.

Fly safe!