Say hello to the The Crow’s Nest fan-site

by CCP Games
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According to the classic space horror movie Alien, “in space no one can hear you scream”. Well, it turns out that’s a load of phooey. Plenty of people can hear you scream and laugh and cry and shout. Basically, the entire EVE: Valkyrie pilot community. See, while the lifeless, bone-chilling vacuum of space is not exactly welcoming, the community is. You’ll certainly get a great feel for the communal action, experience and escapades of community life right here, but from time to time you might also want to point your browser over to fan-site supreme The Crow's Nest.

100% unofficial, but 100% Valkyrie-devoted, the Crow’s Nest offers loads of great gameplay tips and information aimed at making you the best pilot you can be.

The Crow’s Nest boasts a growing community of EVE: Valkyrie pilots who are more than happy to educate Rift gamers on the joys of galactic pilotry and they’re pumped at the prospect of cross-platform virtual reality (VR) experiences when PSVR player come onstream. So fly on over and say hello.