Warzone: the inside scoop on the Support class

by CCP Games
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Can you feel the excitement in the air? EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is less than a week from its 26 September launch, bringing with it a whole stack of improvements and new features, and with it comes a brand new fleet of ships, all of which are available to fly right from the start.

We've already introduced you to the Assault and Heavy classes, both of them bringing plenty of big booms to any fight. But if you're not so driven by the guns and the glory and prefer to take a more tactical position in battle, the Support class might be for you.

Make no mistake, Supports are handy in a fight; each comes equipped with a primary weapon that no-one really wants to mess with. But where they come into their own is in helping out the rest of the team, either by repairing and recharging friendly ships or by draining enemy shields and finding other ways to hinder their progress.

You might not rack up as many kills as a Support pilot, but by doing your job properly you can bring about victory even faster, and with a well-timed Ultra you'll be able to completely turn the course of a battle in your team's favor. You need to know what you're flying, though, so here's a rundown of all four Support ships; see which one tickles your fancy!


S Hero01 Banshee

There's one thing you need to know about the Banshee, and that's spiderbots. Once deployed, these little metal arachnids will attach themselves to any passing ship and go to work, either healing friendlies or damaging enemies. Add to that a secondary fire that strips enemy shields, leaving them exposed to the full power of your main phaser, and you have a beautifully balanced ship that's a perennial Support fave.

Primary: Phaser - This mid range beam causes continuous damage to enemies.

Secondary: Drain beam – Lock on and drain enemy shields with this beam weapon.

Tertiary: Spiderbots– Heal friendlies or damage enemies with these adorable robot arachnids.

Ultra: Fate's Call – Give all nearby teammates a shield recharge with this helpful pulse buff.


S Hero02 Nagi

Built to both kill and cure, the Nagi can puncture enemy hulls with its high impact blaster, and save squad mates with its the heal beam. Should it find itself targeted by enemy forces, the Nagi's equipped to survive any onslaught thanks to a self-repair system, and if things are looking bad for the rest of the team then a blast from its Ultra will instantly repair the hull of any friendly within range.

Primary: Twin Linked Carbine – Unleash a double-barreled stream of rapid fire projectiles.

Secondary: Repair Beam – The friendly alternative to the Banshee's drain beam, this beam will recharge shields and armor.

Tertiary: Self Repair – If you find yourself in a fix, get to a safe place and use this to recharge your shield and repair your armor.

Ultra: Radiant Burst – Set this off and the pulse recharges all friendly hulls within its radius.


S Hero03 Medusa

Any fighting pilot will be grateful for a Medusa at their side; it can turn them into an unstoppable force with its shield beam that'll repair damaged shields and temporarily apply an extra shield on top, it can use its tertiary to fire EMP rounds, and with nearby enemy ships nicely stunned it can then unleash its Ultra to strip their shields, making them easy pickings for everyone. Fly one of these and everyone will want to be your friend.

Primary: Pulse Cannon – An automatic pulse cannon that can dish out plenty of pain at mid range.

Secondary: Apply Mini Over shield – Repair a teammate's damaged shield or apply an additional one.

Tertiary: EMS – Block incoming missiles and turn your pulse cannon projectiles into EMP rounds.

Ultra: Death's Grasp – Strip all nearby enemy shields and leave them vulnerable to attack.


S Hero04 Kirin

Spread fear, confusion and chaos among the enemy from the cockpit of this amazing Support ship, while giving your teammates that extra boost they need to land a killer punch. The Kirin can blast out high spread sticky projectiles that explode over time, and scramble enemy HUDs so they have no idea what's going on around them. And with its capacitor restore beam locked, your teammates can run on full power without penalty.

Primary: Shard Rifle – This high spread weapon fires sticky projectiles that detonate over time.

Secondary: Capacitor Restore Beam – Lock on to a teammate with this beam weapon and restore their capacitor.

Tertiary: HUD Scrambler – Scramble enemy HUDs with this disorienting pulse system.

Ultra: Dragon's Thorn – Fire out a sticky bomb that'll attach itself to an enemy before detonating.