Warzone - the lowdown on the Heavies

by CCP Games
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As we count down to the release of EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone on 26 September, we're bringing you up to speed with the new roster of ships you'll be flying into battle. Last week it was the new Assault class; this week it's those hard-hitting Heavies.

While the Assault ships are all-round performers, built for speed and manoeuvrability, the Heavies are all about packing one hell of a punch, and being able to take a beating. They’re Valkyrie's own Tank class, smashing everything in their path with some serious firepower and soaking up plenty of enemy fire thanks to their heavy armor.

All this power comes at a price, though: compared to the Wraiths they're slower and more cumbersome, providing a very different battle experience to their nippier siblings. But they're also a lot of fun, especially if you like big bangs.

All four Heavy ships – like the rest of the Warzone fleet – are available to fly right from the start. So be prepared, pilot; here's what you need to know about these mighty beasts.



There's nothing subtle about the Scarab. Its Flak Cannons will tear through anything that's in your way; just point them in vaguely the right direction and they'll dish out a stack of damage, and with the Scarab's Void Storm Ultra ability you can stun nearby ships so that all they can do is sit there and take the pain. Its armor-plated shell makes it tough to kill, and should you get caught in a tight spot, its Micro Warp Drive can get you out of trouble in an instant.

Primary: Flak Cannon - Shred anything at close range with high-damage flak rounds that also deal out splash damage.

Secondary: Micro Warp Drive - Get to safety – or sprint to your next fight – with a quick blast of warp speed.

Tertiary: EMS - The Scarab's electromagnetic shield can easily block incoming missiles, and it also turns ship projectiles into EMP rounds.

Ultra: Void Storm - Turn moving ships into sitting ducks with this EMP bomb that stuns any enemies caught within its radius.



Key to the Vulcan's power is its Laser Gatling: once its four rotating barrels spin up, they'll amplify a rapid-fire pulse beam through focused lenses to deliver an uninterrupted barrage of beautiful neon death. No further weaponry is required; instead, along with a Micro Warp Drive, the Vulcan's built for survival, with self-repair systems to get wrecked shields and armor back into commission, and an Ultra that'll render you practically invulnerable.

Primary: Laser Gatling - This fast-shooting laser weapon is bad news for anything at mid range, but its accuracy drops off over continuous use.

Secondary: Micro Warp Drive - Spool it up and off you go!

Tertiary: Self Repair - Taken a bit too much of a kicking? Find a safe spot and recharge your armor and shields.

Ultra: Cocoon - With this turned on, nothing can touch you; time to wade in and crack some hulls.



The ultimate heavyweight support ship, Corvus – the great disruptor – is equipped to seek, locate and disable the enemy with its sonar and EMP Ultra, before delivering the final hammer blow with its powerful Tri Flak weaponry. Less of a slugger than the rest of the Heavy brigade, it's more suitable for pilots who prefer to bring their more tactical game.

Primary: Tri-Flak - Blast out shots that do high damage at close range, with an extra helping of splash damage

Secondary: Sonar - This essential system will reveal cloaked ships so that you can take them out before they sneak up on your teammates.

Tertiary: EMS - Block incoming missiles and turns ship projectiles into EMP rounds.

Ultra: Silence - Instantly stun any ship caught in your pulse radius so you can pick them off at your leisure.



The Heavy class's full force combat specialist, the Hydra can tear through enemy ships both near and far with its apocalyptic combination of a close-up Flak Cannon and a long-range railgun. Lacking either repair systems or a Micro Warp Drive it's more vulnerable than other Heavies, but its ECM can see off enemy missiles, and with its Ultra deployed it can rampage straight through the enemy ranks with impunity.

Primary: Flak Cannon - You know the score by now: shots do high damage at close range, with extra splash damage.

Secondary: Rail Cannon - This long range projectile weapon can punch through armor and shields from across the map.

Tertiary: ECM - Block incoming missiles by enveloping your ship in a thick cloud of chaff.

Ultra: Spectre's bond - Activate this Ultra and you become immune to all damage for a short time; make it count!