EVE Valkyrie Patch Notes (2016 R3.1)

by CCP Roo
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Hi Pilots,

We’re delighted with your response to our latest patch, (2016R3). We made a lot of cool improvements which you can read about here, but some bugs have emerged which we are squashing with a small new upcoming patch (2016R3.1) which we are planning to release today.

Here are the fixes

  • Fix to rebalance AI aggression
  • Fixed an issue where Cyclone upgrades were not behaving as intended
  • Fixed a bug where the New Player Experience would be offered for players who had previously completed it
  • Fixed a save bug where previously assigned cosmetic items were reset and needed re-applying on launch (this issue did not affect progression related Ship Upgrades, only cosmetics changes were affected)
  • Fixed a missing data issue on the Results Screen.

The Results Screen now shows a breakdown of score that is not directly represented in the main table of results:

Objectives will include the score you earn from capturing Control points

Repairing displays the score you earn from healing teammates

Other is the remaining score from kills and assists (detailed on main table)

Thank you all so much for your feedback, we really hope you are enjoying all of the recent improvements.