EVE: Valkyrie Patch Notes (2016_R2.2)

by CCP Roo
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Hello pilots

A mandatory patch will be released today for EVE: Valkyrie. It contains many bug and stability fixes, AI improvements, and balance changes to various ships and weapons.

We are paying close attention to the forums and the valuable feedback you are all providing. There are some issues which can be addressed quickly, but others will require more dev time to implement and test properly before they can be released.

While we do not have time to comment on every thread, please be assured that all your feedback is being closely monitored. Your contributions are helping us to create and shape the future of Valkyrie, and to make it the best possible experience for everyone that straps on a headset and launches into our virtual world.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thanks & Fly Deadly ;)


Ship Balancing: Support Class

The recharge delay for All Support ship shields has been increased from 5 to 8 seconds

Ship Balancing: Fighter Class

Tuning to the Mag Cannon weapon for the Spur & Displacer:

  • Reduced damage to Armor by 43%
  • Reduced damage to Shields by 43%
  • Overheat effect (limited rate of fire) increased by 50% (to 2 seconds of continuous firing)
  • Full heat loss (full rate of fire available) increased by 30% (to 3 seconds of no firing)
  • The Mag Cannon's projectiles can now be countered with ECM and EMS countermeasures

Ship Balancing: Heavy Class

Tuning to the Laser Gatling weapon for the Storm:

  • Reduced the Damage to Armor by 20%
  • Reduced the Damage to Shields by 20%
  • Decreased the Rate of fire by 33%

Turning speed reduction of 16% applied to the following Heavy ships: Spectre, Rhino, Cyclone, Storm, Maelstrom

The Goliath and Gorgon turning speeds are unchanged as they do not have secondary weapons.

AI Improvements Fixes and improvements to AI behavior including vehicle avoidance and targeting preferences

Launch Tubes Huge reduction to the rental cost of Launch Tubes.

Basic Training Minor tweak to level design of basic training to make the exit gate more visible.

Various bug and stability fixes These include: - Fix for some players getting stuck in the Reward Screen flow - Clipping issue seen during Station 27 Chronicle - Swapping to UTC time rather than local time - Issue with some players being kicked from Multiplayer to the main HUB - Game sometimes failing to start in VR