EVE: Valkyrie Patch Notes (2016_R4.4)

by CCP Roo
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Hello Pilots,

A patch for EVE: Valkyrie will be released on September 1. While the list of new features is shorter for this update than some we’ve done in the past, the items included will significantly improve our player onboarding, progression and matchmaking. Full details below!

You are also well overdue an update from the dev team about what’s been going on over the summer. No, we have not been getting a Geordie tan in the Northeast sunshine. Far from it, in fact. The studio has been running full throttle in the approach to our upcoming PlayStation VR October launch. All shore leave has been cancelled and we have been at DEFCON 1! ;)

One of best things about developing a game-as-a-service is the ability to constantly improve and shape the game to become better and stronger with every addition and revision. Our goal for Valkyrie has always been to build from solid foundations and we’re now in a great position to continue doing just that. Every single feature that’s been developed over the past couple of months has been for Valkyrie, on all platforms, current and future.

Thank you all for your continued dedication, communication and patience. Valkyrie is about to become a whole lot bigger in both its scope and its audience. You have helped us forge this path, and it’s an honour to fly alongside you.

Fly Safe,


NEW! AI Personalities & Matchmaking

All AI now have a set ability level. This is a persistent stat that is applied across all matches. Not only does this give them more recognizable personalities (which we intend to push even further in subsequent updates), but it also allows them to be rated as players for purpose of match-making.

Our goal is to deliver a more appropriate level of challenge based on the skill level of the pilots active in a PVP match when the AI join. Your feedback on this feature is incredibly valuable. Do the battles feel closer? Are there any AI personalities that you fear encountering? Are there any AI personalities that are an easy Salvage opportunity?

For a full list of the AI names check this thread

NEW! Players Vs AI only Server

We’ve added a brand new co-op server to the game called the Proving Grounds. Pilots under Rank 5 will be automatically connected to this server for battles against specifically tuned AI only. The server will only contain the Team Death Match game mode, but upon reaching Rank 5 pilots will unlock the full range of modes (adding Control & Carrier Assault).

Match Rewards Increased

The XP rewards for both completing a match and winning a match are getting a huge increase with this patch:

  • Match Played Bonus is increasing to 800 XP (previously 300 XP)
  • Match Win Bonus is increasing to 200 XP (previously 100 XP)

This should noticeably speed up progression in unlocking more ships and ship upgrades. Winning a match will now net you a whopping 1,000 XP. Get some!

Various bug and stability fixes

These include:

  • AI targeting of capture points (Carrier Assault)
  • AI drone dropping in same location (Carrier Assault)
  • AI targeting of cooling nodes (Carrier Assault)
  • AI are now less predictable when firing slower rate of fire weapons
  • Improved path finding for some AI Heavies that excessively slowed while navigating terrain

If you are experiencing any issues with updating, please check this article