EVE: Valkyrie Patch Notes (2016_R5.4)

by CCP Starbug
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Hello pilots,

We’re releasing a small patch for EVE: Valkyrie, with some handy improvements and bug fixes, and as ever please let us know what you’d like to see by posting on our forums!

NEW! Controller Mapping

We’ve seen your requests on the forums, and are very happy to say that pilots will now be able to map their controller buttons on PC and PS4 as they wish!

NEW! Recently Met Players

You can now see your Recently Met players on PS4, to view other pilots you have encountered playing EVE: Valkyrie. You can see this by navigating to your Friends List, and scrolling down to view Players Met:


Various bug fixes

These include:

  • Balance improvements when playing in the Proving Grounds server
  • Fixed issue with joystick configurations on PC not saving
  • Fixed issue with some icons not appearing for unlocked upgrades and paint jobs
  • List of players from recent matches in the squad menu is now from your own platform only
  • Bug fix for end of match tension music not playing
  • Bug fix for Oculus Home friends list being capped at around 25
  • Bug fix for incorrect controller being displayed in the cockpit of the S4 Wraith
  • Bug fix for Ascent unlock logic not working correctly
  • Fixed issues with Storm upgrades not showing correctly
  • Bug fix for Carrier Assault match length ending too soon, corrected to 20 minutes 

If you have any issues updating, please check out this handy article in our Help Center.

CCP Starbug