EVE: Valkyrie Patch Notes R4.4

by CCP Redcape
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Hello pilots, CCP Redcape here!

In-line with community feedback, this patch adds support for some highly requested features, including 21:9 Widescreen support as well as NVIDIA Surround and AMD EyeFinity support.

Enhanced Mouse Control

We’ve added a new method of mouse control, which allows continuous turning with mouse movement without the need for a mouse lock key.

This control scheme means that you can continuously and smoothly turn your ship in a direction by moving the mouse pointer away from the center of the screen. To stop moving (or adjust the direction), simply move the pointer back to the center of the screen. We’ve also added some new visual feedback to keep you informed on when you are turning at the maximum speed (full lock).

Fully Supported Joysticks

We’ve also been working on improving our joystick support on PC for this patch; you’ll now find the following list of joysticks fully supported in Valkyrie combat, each with a default key binding:

  • Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X
  • Logitech Saitek HOTAS X52
  • Logitech Saitek HOTAS X52 Pro
  • Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS
  • Logitech X-56 HOTAS
  • Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick & Throttle
  • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

As ever, you will be able to customise the default binding however you choose. You can still use joysticks that aren’t on this list, we merely haven’t provided a default key binding for it (yet).

Please note – outside of combat, menus are still only navigable with a Gamepad or Mouse & Keyboard.

We’ve also included a long list of bug fixes in this patch, full details below:


  • Bug fix for crash occurring during Trojan Fleet mission
  • Bug fix for progression being blocked during Trojan Fleet


  • Stability improvements when playing Extraction on Cathedral
  • Bug fix for LOD issue on stationary ships on Shipyard


  • Bug fix for Rán Hunt minigame
  • Bug fix for pilot dashboards not updating correctly
  • Bug fix for re-mapping Reset HMD button resulting in being unable to navigate menus
  • Bug fix for mouse input not being reset between binding attempts
  • Bug fix for default widescreen occurring when toggling between 2D and VR
  • Bug fix for unusual behaviour when inverting com alerts mouse axes
  • Removed mouse lock key from bindings that do not use its functionality by default
  • Removed incorrect Reset HMD custom input on PS4
  • Bug fix for custom helmets and suits not appearing in the post-match results screen
  • Added descriptions to illustrate which controls schemes utilise free look


  • Bug fix for mismatching voice-over and subtitles in Shadow ship bio
  • Bug fix for incorrect audio playing while in the Wormhole clone vat


  • Bug fix for red enemy indicator remaining static on screen
  • Bug fix for squad invites not functioning correctly on PS4
  • Bug fix for mismatched client and desktop resolution
  • Bug fix for AI flying away from the Carrier while the Attack phase is still in progress
  • Bug fix for incorrect title and outdated image being displayed in Squad invites
  • Bug fix for disparity between Clone Vat controller settings and in-game controller settings
  • PS4 controller settings default to Thrustmaster when this device is connected


  • Bug fix on VFX when using Yurei Pulse Cannons
  • Bug fix for overpowering bloom on all maps
  • Updated the Kirins VFX to yellow. Previously the Kirin’s capacitor beam was using the same VFX as the Nagi’s heal beam. This was causing confusion as players didn’t know if they were being healed or having their capacitor refilled. This changed now adds better signs and feedback so the player now knows which buff they’re receiving.


  • Bug fix for static loading screen being displayed on Vive HMD