New Player Servers - Rank Increased

by CCP Roo
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Hi Pilots,

We've been reading your feedback on matchmaking, in addition to monitoring player data. While there are many suggestions and ideas still under discussion, we wanted to get something out ASAP to help ease our newer players into the flow of PVP combat.

We have increased the Rank cap for our New Player Servers to Rank 5 with immediate effect.

This means you will only encounter other players of a similar skill level (in addition to AI that are tuned to match those levels) until you reach Rank 5.

Upon reaching Rank 5 players will have access to all 3 base ship classes (Fighter, Heavy and Support), and the option to own 2 Launch Tubes in which to assign these ships.

As always, we are listening, and whenever possible we will act to improve the experience for all our players, whether they are fresh from flight school, or veterans of VR warzones.

We'd be very interested to hear more feedback from new players on this thread.