Patch notes R4.4.1

by CCP Games
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Hello pilots,

We’re releasing a small hotfix today to address a number of joystick issues that were introduced in our previous patch, which the community has highlighted to us.

These fixes are as follows:

  • Joystick users can set an input to be “not bound”
  • Joystick users (both supported and unsupported) can now customise inputs required for using the Clone Vat and Tactical Menu
  • Joystick users can now bind the Selection Wheel input

If you use a joystick that is on our supported list, you will find all the above functions will have been bound automatically, while unsupported joysticks will need to have key bindings set manually.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, as a result of this patch joystick users will lose any user customised input bindings. We highly recommend that you make a note of your inputs prior to downloading this patch so that you can swiftly and easily reapply your desired inputs.