Patch Notes R4.5

by CCP Groot
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Today’s EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone patch is full of balance tweaks and Windowed Mode Improvements.

Windowed Mode Improvements

  • You can now resize the window to any size (by holding and dragging a corner or edge) – aspect ratio need not be preserved.
  • Window position is now saved. So, restarting the game should spawn the window in the same position as you left it, even when it’s not on the primary monitor.
  • The graphics resolution settings allow you to set the window size to the closest resolution to the current size, if it’s different to the actual resolution. So, if the game has selected 1290x720 as the closest resolution, but you resize it to 100x720, selecting 1290x720 will correctly resize the window.
  • When setting windowed mode from a full screen mode you should get a good window position. It should be in the centre of the primary monitor.

Balance Changes

Assault: Wraith


In Carrier Assault, we're seeing a high percentage of Wraiths being used for the sole purpose of using its Ultra against the Carrier Core. While we don't want to prevent this tactic, we do want to reduce its effectiveness at is currently the most efficient way of rapidly destroying an opponent’s Carrier Core.

  • 50% decrease to the Mjolnir’s damage against the Carrier Core

Assault: Jackal


Fixed a bug where the leading reticule wasn’t displaying at the correct range of the weapon's effectiveness.

Assault: Yurei


  • Aim Assist removed, to ensure parity with all other projectile weapons in the game

Covert: Shadow


We still want to reward players for correctly positioning their Violent Whisper. However, currently, opponents don't have much time to react. Reducing the explosion radius continues to reward Shadow players for good positioning, but also gives other players a better window of opportunity to react and escape the blast.

  • 15% decrease to the Violent Whisper explosion radius

Heavy: Vulcan


The Self-Repair ability to replenish armour and shields is too strong. Removing shield regeneration from the ability will give opposing players a bigger kill window.

  • Removed the Self-Repair ability to replenish shields. Self-Repair now only repairs a ship's armour.

Support: Nagi

S Hero02 Nagi

The Nagi's primary weapon is severely lacking. This damage increase should make it more viable in combat situations.

  • 12% increase to the Twin-Linked Carbine damage per projectile
  • Removed the Self-Repair ability to replenish shields. Self-Repair now only repairs a ship's armour.

Support: Medusa

S Hero03 Medusa

The Medusa was designed to be an offensive Support. However, it is outperforming most Assault class ships. We don't want the Medusa to outperform Assault ships offensively.

  • 20% decrease to the Pulse Cannon DPS

Support: Banshee

S Hero01 Banshee

Like the Medusa, the Banshee is a more offensive Support ship. However, the Phaser DPS is too high.

  • 20% decrease to the Phaser DPS

Support: Kirin

S Hero04 Kirin

The Shard Rifle’s damage output is inconsistent, reducing the weapons spread makes the Kirin’s damage more consistent.

  • Tuning pass on the Shard Rifle projectile spread

Bug Fixes

  • Several Audio bug fixes
  • Fix for the large amount of friend’s bug
  • Wraith Modifications bug fix