Patch Notes R4.1

by CCP Games
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Greetings again pilots,

As part of our continued efforts to address the feedback we’ve received from our players, particularly with regards to mouse & keyboard controls, we’re adding a few new features in a small patch to improve your experience later this week.

One of these is the addition of a Mouse Lock key. If you were struggling to perform tight turns in dogfights when using mouse movement to control your ship, you can now use this key to maintain a continuous turn. This will be defaulted to the space bar, and pilots will have the ability to rebind it.

Our fixes in this patch are listed below:

  • Crash fix on Outpost map
  • HOTAS turnspeed on PS4 is now the same as controller
  • Fixed bug with mouse invert pitch option
  • Improved performance when toggling Pitch or Yaw in Tactical Menu

Looking forward to hearing your feedback,

CCP Redcape