EVE: Valkyrie – The best ships, in action!

by CCP Games

The EVE: Valkyrie community is a great place if you love checking out videos of other pilots’ experiences. There’s a ton of content to watch on all the usual channels and it can be useful to discover the latest developments in the game, or swot up on some killer play tactics.

Check out pilot Blueboy X’s videos below. One of the most prolific creators of EVE: Valkyrie video content, Blueboy X has produced videos featuring all the three classes: fighter, heavy and support (in fact, he’s made videos of every single ship in the game). The videos give a great introduction to certain ships and will give viewers a sense how they handle and what their strengths are.
We’ve picked our favorites here.

Fighter Class Fun, versatile and showy, fighters are the ships players come back to time after time.


This is your first ship in the game and to be honest, it’s also many pilot’s favorite. It has an unparalleled balance of speed, strength and maneuverability that makes it handy in every situation. This video features two battles using the Wraith with two victories and a huge number of kills.


The Sentry is quick and nimble but it is pretty feeble when taking any amount of fire. It does have the advantage of mines though so you can plonk them down on routes that you know enemy fighters travel.


This unusual fighter can incapacitate enemies with its electromagnetic pulse making it particularly good against heavies. You can see it doing exactly this in the video.

Heavy Class These are the tanks of the Valkyrie universe. They’re slow, but they can take a hell of a beating and dish out even more.


The first heavy ship you will get your hands on is a blast, quite literally. It’s the first time you’ll get to try out the Microwarp Drive and as the footage shows it’s a handy thing for travelling quickly. The ship’s EMS is also useful against incoming missiles, but it also enables your primary flak cannon to have an EMP effect on enemies rendering them defenseless for a time.


Look carefully and you’ll notice that the Rhino’s Flak cannon has a much higher rate of fire than that of the Spectre. This means it can dish out more damage. This is a good thing because it lacks an EMS and as a result has less versatile countermeasures.


This is the last of the unlockable heavies and as you’ll soon find out it’s quite an unwieldy brute. It has an EMS and a Microwarp Drive but its main weapon is the mortar. If you hit an enemy directly with a mortar you’ll do massive damage and probably take out anything other than a heavy with one shot. The trouble is, it’s hard to pull it off and the mortar’s area of affect damage is pretty limited. It’s an interesting challenge.

Support Class The guardian angels of the battlefield. They are fun and super fast and a vital part in securing victory as they keep their compadres healthy.


This is the starter support ship and as such it is meant to be a versatile craft. As with all support craft it is really quick and its Buff Beam and Spiderbots can both be used to heal your teammates. Check out the head tracking on the Buff Beam so you can heal friendlies and dish out damage to enemies with a glance.


This is broadly similar to the Banshee when it comes to speed and healing but as you can see from the footage, its Gatling Guns also give it the option to get involved in dealing out some damage.


This is something of a Hybrid and one of the later ships you unlock. It has the Gatling Guns of the Wraith fighter, a heat-tracked Buff Beam and Mines. You can probably tell that the mines are proximity activated and deal out area of effect damage, which can also hurt friendlies, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.

We’re constantly seeking out the best community generated content so be sure to check back regularly to see what we’re showcasing.

Stay safe out there!