Video Tutorial: A beginner’s guide to Fighter Class

by CCP Games

Every day more and more players are joining the ranks of the Valkyrie with the dream of making their name in New Eden and taking the first of many steps to becoming the most badass pilot in the galaxy.

It’s a tough road to travel, but it’s not a lonely one. We are here to help. And we’ll begin by providing you with a quick visual introduction to the first class of ships you’ll encounter in EVE: Valkyrie… the fighters.

These ships are well balanced, quick, relatively robust and agile. They have a good load out of weapons including forward firing guns, head tracked missiles and countermeasures for protection against incoming attacks. The hardware varies, of course, and as you unlock more ships you’ll take possession of fighters with more versatile and intriguing combos of on-board gadgets, but as a rookie, it’s good to bear a couple of things in mind.

Don’t always lust after the next unlockable craft. The ship you already have can be upgraded in terms of its defences, speed and firepower so play around with your options before simply stepping up to a more expensive, but less familiar craft.

And don’t forget to have fun. Being a great pilot is your ultimate aim, but you want to look good in the process so try out a few cosmetic upgrades including paint jobs, decals and even alternative cockpit lighting schemes.

While you’re attempting to be the best fighter pilot you can be, we also have a few other tasty tips for you, so scoot over to our complete guide to fighter class ships, learn how to survive a furball in our exclusive dogfighting video and pick up some advice on levelling up from one of Valkyrie’s ace pilots.

Fly safe!